How to Boost Employee Morale With Vinyl Lettering

Author: FASTSIGNS® Manchester

You’ll know that high levels of staff morale results in increased productivity, but achieving this isn’t something that can be done overnight. There’s a number of things that contribute to the wellbeing, health and happiness of employees – including their surroundings. Vinyl lettering is one such technique that can be used to great effect.

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We’ve put together the benefits of a positive workplace interior, as well as how using vinyl lettering can boost employee morale.

How surroundings improve well being

The stats speak for themselves: 91% of UK employees feel their workplace environment has an effect on their productivity. This isn’t a positive outcome in all situations; only 32% consider their current surroundings as having a favourable influence on their wellbeing.

Many believe that changes to their environment would prove beneficial to their emotional welfare in the workplace. 73% say it would increase their motivation, 70% think mood and productivity would improve, and 66% feel it would contribute to their happiness.

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How vinyl lettering increases morale

Office-based workers spend the majority of their time looking closely at computer screens or written documents. Vinyl lettering gives them the opportunity to look up, adjusting and refocusing their eyes. This results in reduced fatigue, and a lessened risk of headaches and eye strain, positively contributing to their overall health.

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As workplaces tend to be quite dull environments with a shortage of natural lighting, employees can feel tired often. You can relax their eyes by sprucing up the building with some printed wording, using colour and shapes to draw attention and create interest.

Ways to inspire with vinyl lettering

One of the best ways to display this signage is by using motivational quotes. This not only helps to add character to the surroundings, but it boosts productivity too. So that employees are kept continuously inspired, you can alter the messaging regularly as vinyl lettering is easily removed and replaced.

Inspiring vinyl lettering

Promote pride in your brand by using the company’s values or tagline in the printed wording. You can even opt to complement it with some artwork, as this has been shown to increase creativity. A floral decoration around the lettering is a particularly good idea, because incorporating biophilia (our affinity to all things natural) has been proven to improve brain activity and reduce stress.

Transform your workplace surroundings

Once you know what you want your environment to communicate, you can start thinking about the design and location of it in the workplace. FASTSIGNS® Manchester can assist – we have years’ experience in providing customised vinyl lettering solutions that enhance interior design and improve staff morale.

Our free consultation service allows you to bring your vision to life, reducing the risk of vinyl lettering that’s not in keeping with what makes your business unique. We’re a trusted choice for signs and graphics in Manchester, so contact us to discuss how we can inject a greater sense of spirit in your workplace.