The Food & Nutrition department

Manchester Metropolitan University

The Food & Nutrition department at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) provides programmes to successfully tackle food and nutrition challenges around the world.

They recently redecorated internally, and wanted to complete the refurbishment with engaging wayfinding. This complex signs and graphics project led them to call upon the FASTSIGNS® Manchester team.


MMU are not one to shy away from a challenge, but they found themselves with a sign design predicament they couldn’t face on their own: they needed the signage displayed in their revamped building to have just as much zest as the new décor.

Room names were required to improve wayfinding, but they needed to be presented in a way that was both effective and reflective of the dynamic and experimental character of the department itself.


We worked collaboratively with MMU to bring their ideas to life. The department were very much engaged with the project, meaning we had all the necessary detail to implement exactly what they required.

The academics had found concepts online they wanted to experiment with, and we used our expertise to guide on this. After our initial visit, we created a visual guide that MMU’s Technical Service Manager could share with academics to give them a clear picture of what to expect.

A variety of directional signage was placed above doorways and entrances, and complemented the bright green colour of the redecorated walls. With our G7 accreditation, we were able to perfectly colour-match the self-adhesive vinyls, and created contrast with eye-catching white, black and grey signs. We devised word clouds for each department, producing impactful wayfinding that simply couldn’t be missed.

We also thought past the immediate problem and to the future of the space, fashioning A1 black snap frames for staff to post temporary notices to guarantee that any subsequent signage wouldn’t detract from the new décor.

During each stage of the project, every staff member wanted to approve the signage for their individual room. We ensured this was organised effectively, and that everyone’s opinion was considered.


MMU liked the way we explained our process and solutions in easy-to-digest language, and went above and beyond our remit as a service. They were ultimately delighted with the end result – there was even talk of one member of staff doing cartwheels down the corridor!

With their new signs and graphics reflecting their renovation, MMU are now looking to create a theme of continuity as students walk through the building. They will be seeking the assistance of FASTSIGNS® Manchester again when their additional construction work is complete.

The Food & Nutrition department