A look Inside FASTSIGNS Northampton

Author: FASTSIGNS® Northampton

If you're after some new or updated signage in Northampton, look no further than FASTSIGNS Northampton. When you meet with our team we’re sure to provide you with a friendly and professional service as well as high quality signage with a quick turnaround time, after all we aren’t called FASTSIGNS for no reason! You can rest easy knowing that when you've entrusted a project to us, no matter the scale, you’re getting outstanding service.

Our Process

At FASTSIGNS Northampton we aim to provide you with all the tools and support needed to ensure your sign is perfect. Whether you know exactly what you want down to the T or if you need some more support from us, we are here to help. We will conduct a meeting where we can survey the site to ensure that the signage solution suggested to you is the most appropriate for the space and discuss any design requirements. Once any necessary artwork has been provided to us, such as your brand logo, we will get started on designing your sign!

When this is completed we will follow up by sending this to you for your approval and making any changes that you request. After this has been approved we will begin the process of producing your sign.


The production process differs depending on the kind of sign you need, but this will outline the general steps of the sign making process. The first step in sign production is printing, we will start up the machine and send your design off to print. This then has to be left for 24 hours to ensure that it is dry before moving on to lamination. Laminating ensures that the printed design stays and doesn’t experience the general wear and tear that unprotected ink would. Next we apply this to the chosen backing material ensuring that this is smoothed down to remove all bubbles. The Sign is then cut to shape and any fixtures or finishings such as holes or radius corners are added before the sign is ready to go!

A look Inside FASTSIGNS Northampton

Installation and delivery

The finished signs are then wrapped and packaged ready for the next step of their journey. At FASTSIGNS Northampton we can arrange for these signs to be installed directly or, if you’d rather, these can be delivered or collected for self-installation or distribution among sites. If Installation is chosen, an experienced team will come out to install your signage and you’ll be able to rest up knowing there’s nothing for you to worry about, FASTSIGNS has it handled. If you want to see more on how our signs are produced visit our Instagram or Facebook for some behind the scenes video footage.

Why choose FASTSIGNS?

We know that choosing a company to make your signs can be overwhelming and even confusing at times with so many signage companies around. How do you know which one to choose? In order to make this decision a little bit easier for you here’s what makes us stand out from the crowd:

  • FASTSIGNS Northampton has a small team of hard workers that will always greet you with a smile, so you know you’re in good hands. Despite our small team we have a massive support network with over 35 years of signage experience that has been passed on to us so despite being a fairly new store, we know our stuff!
  • We’re honest, we would never take on a job that we couldn’t complete in the given time frame or with our given resources. So, if we take on your project we’re confident that it will be a success.
  • We’re efficient, we respond to all requests, questions and queries quickly so you won’t be waiting around for days on end wondering where we’ve gone.
  • We offer high quality products. We have a range of trusted suppliers providing us with high quality materials which, when combined with our technology and hard work, we can produce effective and eye-catching signage that lasts.
  • We’re happy to hear from you, feel free to give us a call or visit our centre during opening hours for a quote or to learn more about which signage solution is best for you.

Don’t just take our word for it. With reviews such as ‘Perfection’ and ‘very fast service, friendly helpful staff’ it seems that our customers agree!

What can we offer?

Here at FASTSIGNS Northampton we offer a large range of signage to fit your needs. Whatever you’re after, we will support you. Our range includes Interior and exterior signage, promotional products such as pens and mugs, printing and mailing options and business cards. We have options to suit you and will always provide suggestions and advice to ensure that your signage works for you!

Exterior Signage

FASTSIGNS can help you to brand your business with exterior signage products such as Awning Signage, Monolith and Totem signage, Building signs and Built-up letters. All of these will be built to withstand the elements that being outdoors exposes them to and can include branding elements such as specific colours, typeface and logos or images. This form of signage is not only beneficial for branding but can also be informative, providing customers with directions or important information such as opening hours.

Interior Signage

Some of the many interior decoration signage options that FASTSIGNS can offer to you include Imaged glass, Wall graphics and murals, Vinyl lettering and magnetic graphics. These are an excellent way to expand your brand's identity and provide clients with important information. We love to be creative and can’t wait to demonstrate all of the possibilities available to you.

A look Inside FASTSIGNS Northampton

Printing and Mailing

Here at FASTSIGNS we don’t just focus on branding large buildings and spaces but also the smaller elements that can be just as vital to a brand. From Business Cards to menus we are able to accommodate just about any requirement you have for your visual communication.

Promotional Items and Products

Brand-Building freebies are a terrific way to promote your business, and these are something that FASTSIGNS can help you with. We offer a range of Custom pens, clothing and pins that can be used to leave a lasting impression for people each time they see or use them.

Custom Banners, Signs and Graphics

Feather flags, A frames, Directional signage and more. FASTSIGNS has a large range of offerings and we can guarantee that you will find something to suit your needs. If you’re still not sure which option would be best suited to your space and business the FASTSIGNS team are always happy to support you with relevant suggestions that would benefit you the most.

Our Work

Despite opening in 2022, FASTSIGNS Northampton has worked with a range of businesses such as Silverstone, Gtech, Northampton College and Age UK as well as smaller local businesses Thomas Farm shop and The Blizz african Restaurant, to name a few. We would love to continue working with the local community and providing our services to help businesses build their branding. For more information Call us at 01604 422 650 or Request a Quote.

A look Inside FASTSIGNS Northampton