The best ways to utilise signs in the construction industry

In order to ensure that your site is operating both safely and efficiently, signage is essential. Due to the nature of the job, with construction being one of the UKs most dangerous industries, there are typically many hazards around, whether this be heavy machinery or smaller tools. The type of Signage you choose reflects on your brand, if you provide informative signage with contact details readily available this will make your brand appear more professional as well as advertising your brand to others.

Whilst safety signage is mandatory in order to keep visitors and members of staff safe there are many other ways that you can utilise signs to make your business shine. Signage not only helps your brand look higher quality but can also encourage new customers so why not make your signage work for you?

What signage is required on a construction site?

On a construction site general health and safety signage is a must! You should ensure that fire safety and emergency exit routes are clearly noted throughout the site, identifying the location of any fire extinguishers or exits should a fire occur. Warning signs are also particularly important as they can be used to help identify any potential risks. On a construction site this may include: Scaffolding incomplete, High Voltage, Asbestos and heavy machinery to name a few. Whilst this does not provide information on how to solve an issue it works to prevent them as both visitors and staff will be aware of the hazard and able to use their own initiative to keep back and allow for potential risks.

Mandatory and Prohibition signs provide direct information which must be listened to and considered by all those on site. Mandatory signs can be used to display information that must be followed in order to remain safe such as PPE must be worn, Keep to the access routes and other information in place to prevent an accident. Prohibition signs are similar, these tell others what not to do. These include access signs, no smoking and parking restrictions in order to ensure that routes are kept clear for machinery.

With permission from the local authorities, signs can also be placed in the surrounding area. These could be used to direct visitors to the site or warn the general public to expect large vehicles turning.

How can Signs be utilised to help your business?

All of the above are signs that are in place to prevent an accident, but what else can signs do for your business? Signage is one of the most powerful marketing tools, so don’t waste the chance to exploit it. Signage can be used not only to disguise your works from the general public but also keep them safe, these are a great way to display information about the development that is being constructed and advertise your brand, making safety signage multipurpose. Signs can show a mockup of the site when it's complete, customers will then be able to see this and get excited about what's to come, this way they may be more receptive to any noise or potential traffic diversions created by the construction. This is also a great place to display your brand name and logo for further advertising, every time someone sees this they’re one step closer to remembering you! Take all the chances you can to further promote your brand, for example if you’re producing housing why not enquire about some bespoke pens for customers to sign the papers with, this can help to ensure the experience has that extra special touch resulting in a more positive experience.