Choosing the right signage for your business

Author: FASTSIGNS® Northampton

How to choose the right sign for your business.

Here at FASTSIGNS® Northampton we can produce a large range of custom sized signs and brand merchandise so whether you’re after pin badges, pens and mugs or banners and illuminated signs we’re the people for you! Knowing what you want can be difficult, so this blog will briefly cover the signage options available here at FASTSIGNS®.

What type of signage is best for me?

All businesses want to stand out from competitors, in order to make the most out of your budget and time, you require an understanding of the different ways this can be achieved. Choosing the option that best suits your brand's needs, aims and available space is vital to ensure that the signage is being used in a way that best represents your business and brand image. The kind of sign that’s best for you depends on a large range of factors. Is the sign for temporary or long-term use? Indoor or outdoor? What is the purpose of the sign you require?

Below will discuss the benefits of each type of signage for you to get a better understanding of which type of signage would suit your business the best. If you’re still unsure you can contact us at or call us on 01604 422650 for further support.

Printing and mailing

Printing and mailing communications are useful to a business as these can be items that customers can take with them, this is a good way to encourage customers to remember your brand or recommend it to a friend. Our range of Printing and mailing communications include but are not limited to business cards, takeaway menus, flyers and custom poster printing & design to make your life easier! Using business cards is a terrific method to introduce yourself, provide your contact information, and showcase your brand. This is a way to directly target customers but typically is an option that requires distribution which must be considered when selecting this form of communication.

Exterior Signage

Exterior signage comes in a range of formats such as awning signage, Monolith and totem signs, channel letters and wall graphics. Monolith and Totem signs are a great weather resistant option for permanent signage needs allowing you to reach customers at all times, open or closed. Wall graphics can be used for wayfinding such as maps or pushing your branding even further. This is a more permanent option for a business that will last long-term as a form of identification, it is common that exterior signage can become a staple for a business and operate as an identifier among customers if designed correctly.

Interior Decoration Signage

Interior decoration signage helps to provide a great impression to customers and a positive workspace for employees. This could be in the form of Custom canvas signs, custom printed ceiling tiles, imaged glass and wall graphics & murals. All of these options will allow your brand to stand out to customers and make visiting the space an experience to remember. Signage for interior decorating is an effective way to expand your brand's individuality and image while also informing clients of crucial information.

Promotional Items and Products

Promotional items and products are another great way to raise brand awareness, these can be especially useful at events or front desks as a way for customers to have a reminder of your brand. FASTSIGNS® offers custom pens and pencils, clothing and apparel also including custom plaques and promotional inflatables. These are particularly useful for brands to use at special events or to commemorate milestones.

And more…

FASTSIGNS® also offers vehicle graphics, directional signage,label and sticker signs, light up signs and many many more. If any of these feel like a good fit for your business you can call us on 01604 422 650 or Request a quote here.