The Power Of Print: Explore our premium print and finishing options

Why does the type of paper that I choose matter?

Our printing and design services at FASTSIGNS Northampton cater to both business and personal needs, including business cards, flyers and wedding invitations. Choosing the right kind of paper for your print is vital to ensure that you receive the quality that you’re after. In this blog post we will delve into the world of differing paper weights and finishing options, as these elements can significantly impact the perception of your customers or guests. Whether you’re aiming for a luxurious feel or a more simplistic approach, understanding the different finishes available will help you make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your needs. Read on to unravel the secrets behind paper finishes and discover which one will work best for you!

Paper Quality and Thickness

Selecting the right weight for your print is an element that should not be overlooked. If you’re after a more durable type of print such as a business card you’re going to want a heavier weighted paper, ideally choosing an option of 300gsm or higher to have the desired impact. However, if you’re in need of a simple flyer you could use a lighter paper option sitting at around the 150gsm mark.

The weight of the paper that you choose should be determined first and foremost by how it will be used, further decisions can then be made based on design features and budget. A heavier paper will typically increase the perceived luxuriousness of your service or event, for example: if someone is handed a flimsy business card they may presume that your offering is lower quality than a business that has a heavier business card.

In addition to weight, you will also want to consider the type of paper that you want for your print, whether you would rather your print be coated or uncoated. Coated products allow for the ink to settle on the surface with sharper results between imagery and white space. However, uncoated paper absorbs the ink which presents a warmer approach with a more tactile feel. If you want to boost your sustainability we also offer a 100% recycled option which is uncoated and available in 120gsm and 350gsm weights.

At FASTSIGNS Northampton we typically offer prints from 115gsm up to our heaviest option of 450gsm. To develop a better understanding of how this affects the feel of the paper, drop by our centre to see the different options in person before making your decision.

Special finishes

At FASTSIGNS we offer a wide range of print finishes to elevate your print designs. From Lamination to spot UV and foiling, as well as the classic matte, gloss and soft touch options, we have something to suit every style and purpose.

When it comes to standard paper options, we offer silk and gloss. Silk coated paper provides a smooth and matte finish that can be written on if needed. This makes it a great choice for enquiry cards or appointment confirmation cards where you may want to jot down additional information. On the other hand, Gloss coated paper offers a shiny finish that should not be written on. Consider the purpose of your print when selecting between these two options.

But that's not all! At FASTSIGNS, we also offer a range of more creative paper options to add a unique touch to your prints. How about trying our Gold dusted paper for a touch of elegance and excitement? Or perhaps our Kraft-textured paper for a rustic and natural feel? These options can be explored in greater detail when you visit our centre. Our friendly team will be delighted to showcase these creative paper choices and help you find the perfect fit for your project.


Elevate your design to the next level with print lamination at FASTSIGNS Northampton. These embellishments are sure to impress and add that extra touch of sophistication to your prints. Lamination not only enhances the durability of your prints but also adds a stylish design element. At FASTSIGNS Northampton, we offer a variety of lamination features to suit your needs:

  • Matte: A smooth and elegant matte finish.

  • Matte Anti-Bacterial: Provides the same matte finish with the added benefit of anti-bacterial properties.

  • Matte Eco: A sustainable option that combines a matte finish with eco-friendly materials.

  • Gloss: A shiny and eye-catching finish that adds vibrancy to your design

  • Gloss Anti-Bacterial: Offers a glossy finish with the added advantage of anti-bacterial properties.

  • Gloss Eco - A sustainable choice that combines a glossy finish with eco-friendly materials.

  • Soft-Touch: Provides a luxurious and velvety texture that adds a premium feel to your prints.

Foil Printing

In addition to lamination, we also offer foil printing to add small shiny detailing to specific elements of your design. This technique can make certain elements stand out, embellish the entire design, create patterns, or make a statement with negative space. The foiling effect also adds a textured finish where the foil has been applied. Choose from our range of 7 stunning foil colours:

  • Gold

  • Red

  • Rose Gold

  • Green

  • Purple

  • Silver

  • Blue

  • Holographic

These foil options allow you to add a touch of elegance, glamour, or uniqueness to your prints, making them truly stand out.

Spot UV

Experience the magic of Spot UV embellishments! This unique option allows you to add exciting textures to your designs by raising certain elements. Whether you want to create a braille accessible end-product or simply enhance specific design elements, Spot UV is the perfect choice to set yourself apart from the crowd.

At FASTSIGNS, we offer a range of embellishment options that can be applied to paper stock that is 250gsm Silk or above. This ensures that your prints have the durability and quality to showcase the beauty of Spot UV embellishment. Additionally, Lamination is also required to implement Spot UV designs.

When you enquire with us, our knowledgeable team at FASTSIGNS Northampton will guide you through the options and help you make the best choices for your project. We understand the importance of attention to detail and will ensure that your prints are nothing short of exceptional.

Printing services

FASTSIGNS Northampton is your one-stop destination for all of your printing, designing and signage needs. Whether you’re looking for business cards, flyers, wedding invitations or personalised cards, we have got you covered.

For businesses, our print services include a wide range of options to help you promote your brand effectively. From takeaway menus to eye-catching flyers, professional business cards, and attention grabbing posters, we have the tools to make your business stand out from the competition.

But we also understand that there are times when you need something more personal. That’s why we offer a range of personal printing services to cater to your unique requirements. Whether you need funeral orders of service or invitations for special occasions, we have the expertise to ensure that every detail is taken care of. And the best part? Our talented team can handle the design elements, so you can relax and trust that your prints will be perfect.

At FASTSIGNS Northampton, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional printing and design services. We understand the importance of getting it right, whether it’s for your business or personal needs. With our wide range of options and friendly team, you can trust us to deliver high-quality prints that exceed your expectations.

So why worry about printing and design when you have FASTSIGNS Northampton by your side? If you’re interested in understanding more about the range of printing options available to you, or you want to see the paper in person, visit us to speak with a member of our team, we’re here to help you however you need! If you don’t have time to drop by but would like to speak to the experts at FASTSIGNS Northampton you can contact us on 01604 422650 or visit our website to request a quote and we’ll be in touch.