Choosing the Right Font for Your Signage

Author: FASTSIGNS® Portsmouth

The font you choose to use on your signage could make a significant difference to how your message is conveyed and interpreted. 

The style of font or typeface can say a lot about the business and it’s personality, as well as how the message will be received and actioned by those it’s aimed at. 

So, where is the best place to start? 

Uppercase or Lowercase?

Typically, lowercase text is more effective for being able to take in and understand information quickly. 

As a result, lowercase is usually the preferred choice for signs where the audience may not be stationary such on forecourts, in shopping centres or on escalators.

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Similarly though, uppercase text has an important part to play in signage. 

Uppercase tends to convey authority so it’s best used for warning signs or instruction signs.

Danger sign

Serif or Sans Serif? 

A serif is the little flick or angled line projecting from the upper and lower ends of the letter. Serif fonts are typically the easiest to read as these ‘tails’ help the reader to flow onto the next letter. For this reason, serif fonts are commonly used in scenarios where a large amount of text is required. 

Serif Fonts

Sans serif fonts (French for “without serifs”) are seen as more modern as they are cleaner and sharper. Sans serif text is easy to read, particularly when the font is large and contains few words. So for large signs, san serif is the best choice.

San Serif Fonts

It’s so important to consider the spacing of letters on signage. If the letters are too close together, it’ll be hard to read - whatever the size of sign. Giving letters space will drastically improve its readability, as well as make it look more professional. 

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