Different sized screens

Hammerson PLC

The key objective was to provide highly accurate real time transport information to shoppers and strategically placed screens within the centre.

The Challenge

Hammerson approached FASTSIGNS® Southampton to provide transport screens at a range of locations in their centres. The project was designed to reduce travel anxiety for shoppers by providing accurate local transport information within their Malls.

The Solution

FASTSIGNS® Southampton having provided digital solutions for other similar projects understood the brief and the objectives of the client.

After a site survey, a range of different sized screens from 55” to 86” 4K commercial grade displays, positioned at various locations within the centre, incorporating Hammerson’s corporate font brand were recommended. The screen layouts had to be legible for viewing from a distance and screens tilted to perfect angles for all users.

Different sized screens Different sized screens Different sized screens

    The Result

    FASTSIGNS® Southampton worked with our CMS partner to develop the Custom App for the screens and layout design, setting up the orientation of the screens to either landscape or portrait depending on the location. The screens went live with the feeds within seconds of installation.

    Feedback from the Customers Service Personnel at the centres confirmed that the screens are working perfectly with customers actively using them for transport information.