Increase the Findability of a Start up Business With Cost Effective Exterior Signage

Author: Hannah Evans

For start up businesses it can often be a financial balancing act between the running cost of starting a new venture, and effectively marketing a business in order to drive customers in.

It is a chicken and egg conundrum, put money into marketing first to raise awareness and potentially under delivering on service, or get the service element correct at the risk of not having enough customers to provide that service to as they aren’t aware of the business.

Cost effective, temporary, exterior signage can be a great way to bridge that gap. This type of signage can help businesses in the early stages of trading to easily increase the findability of the new enterprise by creating intrigue, increasing footfall and notifying the local area of the businesses presence.

Fabric signs and banners can be hung outside of a building and can be changed frequently, banners and flags can vary in size and can be positioned against the wall of a building or used as a projecting sign to help catch the attention of passers by.

custom banner flag

Vinyl window and wall graphics are a short to medium term signage solution and can easily be installed and removed. Different grades of vinyl are used depending on the length of time a business needs the graphics to last; keeping signage impactful but purse friendly for start-up businesses.

custom wall graphics

Magnetic vehicle car stickers provides a inexpensive way to take a message to the road and raise awareness of a new businesses presence in it’s local area. Magnetic car stickers can easily be removed from one vehicle and reapplied to another. If the vehicle is parked outside of your building it can also act and an indicator for your company’s location.

custom vehicle wrap

As a start up business begins to become established, the signage requirement will undoubtedly evolve and signage will need to become more permanent, when this need arises, FASTSIGNS will be on hand to help make that transition.