Vicarage Court

The Challenge

Vicarage Court faced the task of aligning with new Fire Safety Regulations, prompting a need for enhanced signage. FASTSIGNS St Albans was enlisted for our specialised expertise to address this challenge. The existing internal signage required clarity improvements, while additional signage in stairwells was necessary to clearly denote floor and flat numbers.

The Solution

Understanding the importance of maintaining visual consistency, we embarked on a collaborative journey with Vicarage Court to identify the most suitable approach. Conducting a comprehensive survey was the initial step in determining the necessary updates.

The main objective for this project was to ensure they comply with Fire Safety Regulations. Our team worked closely with Vicarage Court to understand their requirements and provided our expert advice on the signage regulations.

After reviewing the designs, we were able to make the required changes and put forward suggestions to the Vicarage Court committee to show different materials and finishes. Ultimately, the decision was made to utilise clear acrylic plaques with gold stand-off locators for the interior signs to complement the existing aesthetic of the building. To ensure longevity, graphics were applied as cut vinyl to the back of the acrylic plaques. For the exterior signs, durable Dibond plaques were used and finished off with matching screw caps for a neat look.

To complete the project we carried out the installation in one day to ensure all the signs were up to Fire Safety standards and the building is safe to use by the occupants.

The Result

Recognising the urgency of the situation, our team swiftly initiated the process by conducting a thorough assessment of the requirements.

The end result was a collection of clear, strategically placed signs that seamlessly integrate with the building's ambiance and comply with Fire Safety Regulations. Vicarage Court expressed satisfaction with the outcome, reflecting a successful collaboration and a marked improvement in compliance with safety regulations.