Watford Grammar School for Girls

The Challenge

Watford Grammar School for Girls initially reached out to us for door and directional signs, seeking professional branded signage throughout the entire facility. Following this initial inquiry, additional sign needs were identified, and we've been assisting them with every project that arises on the campus.

The Solution

Our partnership with Watford Grammar School began with the creation of Foam PVC doors and directional signs, serving as lightweight and cost-effective solutions for quick event signage or long-lasting interior signs within the campus.

Adhering to the school's branding guidelines, we supplied free-standing A-boards for efficient traffic navigation during busy periods. These A-boards, colour-matched to the logo, featured vinyl graphics on both sides.

Additionally, we crafted large welcoming aluminium panel and post signs at the school entrance, fulfilling multiple roles – indicating the school premises, guiding attendees, and conveying key information. Beyond the exterior, our services extended to interior graphics and signs. Strategically placed, we designed and installed large acrylic maps detailing the campus layout, aiding visitors in navigation and showcasing the school's impressive facilities.

Upon the school's decision to renovate the gym, they approached us again. We installed frosted vinyl around the glass wall for privacy in the swimming pool area, allowing light while restricting visibility. At the gym entrance, a branded fascia and brand-appropriate vinyl on glass walls added a cohesive and professional touch.

The Result

Ensuring a unified brand presence in all signage and visual communication across the entire campus, fostering a consistent and cohesive brand experience.