Has Winter Taken Its Toll on Your Signage?

Author: FASTSIGNS® Leeds

Wind and rain can wear signs out. Discover why it’s important to check if your signs are fit for purpose in this blog from FASTSIGNS® Leeds.

Without us even noticing it, our signage takes a beating from the great British weather. Over time, wind, frost, rain, and (the occasional) blast of direct sunlight can leave signs and graphics looking worn, tired and damaged.

Now you may have gotten used to how your signs look, but what do they look like to your visitors or passers-by? It’s really useful to get a fresh perspective every now and then to make sure your signage is fit for purpose. And arranging a site visit from your local sign makers is one way you can do this.

During a site visit, your sign maker will carry out a thorough assessment of your external signage and printed graphics, highlighting any areas of concern. Their expert eye will help you to:

1. Spot quick fixes to improve the overall appearance

Could your signage do with a really good clean? Perhaps it needs re-sealing and a lick of paint? Or maybe there’s something structurally wrong with it?

Your sign maker will know the difference between cosmetic damage and anything more serious. They will be able to suggest – and perhaps carry out – any quick fixes to have your signage looking its best in no time at all.

It might seem like a small change, but your signage is one of the first things people will notice about your business, so any cosmetic improvements you make to them will have a lasting impact in the long run.

2. Detect minor damage before it becomes more serious

Whether it’s your car, roof, or favorite pair of shoes, looking after something properly helps you get the most from it for many years to come. And your signage is no different.

Correct signage maintenance helps to prevent wear and tear from taking root and becoming more serious. What starts as a tiny crack could become damage that’s beyond repair, leaving you with an unexpected bill to replace it.

Getting your signs checked out – particularly after periods of harsh weather – can help you to improve their longevity by spotting any problems well ahead of time.

3. Make sure your signage is safe and non-hazardous

Exposed to the elements, over time it’s possible for signage to become loose, wobbly, and unsecured. Not only can this make your business’ exterior look a little unkempt, but it can present a serious safety hazard in some instances too.

Signage that isn’t securely fixed could fall and break, causing, at best, a mess, and at worst, an accident. Following bad weather, if it looks like your signage may have become weakened, it’s best to request a quick site survey to rectify any potential damage.

Do you think winter has taken its toll on your signage? Get in touch with our team, who will be able to carry out a site survey right away. They can help you make any improvements to your existing signage and graphics, as well as recommend any necessary replacements.