How Digital Signage Works for Businesses in 2021

Author: FASTSIGNS® Leeds

Get your messages noticed with a digital sign. Your digital signage works by sharing your adverts and information on screen from one place.

How digital signage works

You will have seen digital signage in hundreds of places. Shops, phone boxes, billboards, airports, and trains – digital signage is everywhere now. It has become a means of communication in places such as schools, colleges, doctors, shopping centres, and public transport.

Digital signage works by displaying messages on screens which are fixed in place. New content is uploaded digitally via Bluetooth or USB and displays feature notices and adverts, which can include video content. Displays can be set on one advert or flick through multiple.

Moving images on screen catch the attention of those nearby. It’s this that makes digital signage such an effective means of communication for businesses and organisations.

screen display

80% say they have entered a store because a digital sign caught their interest

In a world of information overload, digital signage cuts through the noise. Bright, moving images and words are more noticeable than static signs, helping to quickly draw attention to chosen messages.


90% of the information processed by the brain is visual

Within busy days, we are occupied with many different things at once. Having a message displayed visually is the fastest way for us to process the information.

We’ve seen this firsthand with COVID safety measures. Where signs and graphics have been used effectively to make information clear and noticeable, the easier it is for people to see what’s required and follow the guidance properly.

advertising display

Use digital signage to keep people updated

A digital sign is an ideal place to share information with customers and advertise if you’re open or not. With businesses opened and closed regularly over the past year, and many partially open, or operating click and collect, it’s hard for customers to keep up.

It’s felt as if signage and customer notices go out of date quicker than you can put them up. But digital signage allows you to update your messages in response to changes without needing to put up new print. You simply upload new content to replace the old.

Getting digital signage for your business might be an initial investment, but you will save on future print costs. Not to mention avoiding the hassle of ordering and installing fresh print for every new announcement.

Got a message that would look great on the big screen? Tell us your idea – we’ll help you get it out there!

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