Why You Shouldn’t Pass up These Printed Branding Opportunities

Author: FASTSIGNS® Leeds

Printed branding is a fool-proof way of getting noticed in your local area. Discover 7 ways printed materials can be used successfully alongside your online marketing activity in this blog from print experts, FASTSIGNS® Leeds.

The last decade has seen businesses step firmly into the digital world and, nowadays, your website is equally (if not more) important for attracting new customers as your retail space. Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages and, in its place, is Google.

With so much focus on your business's online presence, you could be left wondering ‘what’s the point of printed branding anymore?’ But, hold that thought…

While having an effective website is an absolute necessity, this doesn’t mean you should totally abandon printed communication. In fact, there’s a strong argument for combining this approach with your online activity to maximise your business’s exposure.

Research even suggests that humans connect better with paper-based content. As reported by Forbes, a Canadian study found that paper-based marketing materials were easier to process and recall than email and digital adverts.

Not only is printed branding more memorable, but it makes getting in front of prospective customers in your local area really easy. How exactly? Read on to discover 7 printed branding opportunities you don’t want to miss.

1. Event Banners

Seasonal events, sales, and celebrations are all opportunities to reach your local customers with bright, eye-catching branding. Of course, share your news via social media and your website, but don’t forget to communicate with passing footfall using printed materials.

Event Banners

Banners, flags, and temporary signs are all tried and tested ways to drum up interest from the surrounding area and provide a physical counterbalance to any online communications. You don’t want to assume that everyone has visited your website, so make sure you cover all bases.

2. Window and glass doors

We can’t help looking at a door as we pass through it or glancing in a window as we walk by – it’s in our nature to take in our surroundings. So, don’t miss the chance to tap into this passing footfall and get your messages noticed.

Window and glass doors

Cut vinyl lettering or window graphics are an easy way to use empty display space without the hassle of permanent alterations. Placing your company name, logo, or contact information on glass space reinforces your branding while also creating a professional finish for your building’s exterior.

3. Pavement signs

Portable pavement signs are a tried and tested way of sharing your messages within the local area. Decorated with your branding and customizable with offers, news, and announcements, they allow you to communicate directly to passers-by.

Pavement signs

It may be a traditional approach, but an attractive pavement sign is a simple way of sharing your branding and telling people you’re open for business. They’re a personal touch that helps get your business noticed by passing locals.

4. Business cards and flyers

Business cards are often the first piece of printed branding new companies invest in – and for good reason. A well-designed business card or flyer is sleek, neat, and perfectly pocket-sized. They are affordable to produce and contain all of the information a prospect might need to find you in the future.

As we’ve mentioned, people are more likely to take in paper marketing than many emails and online adverts, so starting a new business relationship with a smartly-finished business card or flyer could create a more memorable first impression.

5. Vehicle graphics

Installing cut vinyl branded graphics on your car, van, lorry or motorcycle is a branding opportunity not to be missed. Not only are vehicle graphics affordable and easy to install/remove, but they allow you to promote your business everywhere you go.

Vehicle graphics

Think about the times you’re parked outside a client’s property, visited a local supplier, or simply traveled around your target area – you could be advertising your services – they’re all opportunities to promote your business free of charge. When your target market is local, branding your vehicles is really a no-brainer.

6. Packaging

For many of us, part of the experience of buying something new is the anticipation of its arrival and opening it up. And this experience can be turned into a valuable branding exercise.

Spending some time creating enticing point-of-sale collateral and well-executed, branded packaging has a few different benefits. Firstly, customers who enjoy the experience of receiving your products may consider re-ordering.


Secondly, recognizable packaging helps build awareness of your brand and, in the right circumstances, can generate intrigue around your products and services.

For instance, if the right person shares an image of your beautifully branded box, you could find yourself reaching lots of new potential customers, who then look up your products and services. Wrapping, boxes and gift bags can be a simple way to reach like-minded prospective buyers.

7. Stationery

Remember that feeling of stocking up on fresh stationery at the start of a new school term? Well, I don’t think people have ever really fallen out of love with that, despite now being glued to their keyboards and phone screens.


It’s important to take a joined-up approach to market your business to the local area and printed marketing materials are just one element of this. We hope this has provided you with some food for thought in terms of how print adds value.

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding printed branding for your business, please get in touch with our team who’d be happy to help.