Telling Stories With Interactive Digital Signs

Author: FASTSIGNS® Leeds

Get your brand noticed with interactive digital signs and share stories using animated content. See how in this blog.

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Digital signs: The proven way to get noticed by new customers

According to HubSpot, around 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual and this visual information is processed around 60,000 times quicker than text.

So, what better way to grab the attention of new customers than with bright, moving images?

Digital display signs help bring your message to life in a way that can’t be ignored. Whether wall mounted, hung from above, freestanding, or displayed on a surface, digital signs make captivating centrepieces for any display.

Switching to a digital display will allow you to save money and showcase all your current messaging by regularly updating it with new adverts and messages. You can even earn a little extra by renting your space out to other brands!

A digital sign enables you to:

  • Save time and money by bypassing the need to regularly source new signage
  • Make money by selling advertising space to other brands
  • Communicate new messages and offers quickly and easily
  • Stay ahead of the curve with moving images and video
  • Keep your customers engaged with new and exciting displays

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Digital signage is an investment

To get the most from your digital signage, you need to create engaging visual displays, because visual content is more memorable. A study found that 65% of information paired with images was remembered three days later, compared to just 10% of text-only information.

Essentially, if you spend time creating something eye-catching and interesting to look at, people are more likely to take note. And this matters all the more when you only have a couple of seconds to grab people’s attention.

How to make your on-screen content engaging

One useful strategy is to use your digital signage to tell a story.

Visual stories (told in the form of videos and moving graphics) are one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. In fact, according to a survey by One Spot, 92% of consumers want brands to make adverts feel more like stories.


Stories are easier to take in than facts and figures. They’re relatable and are therefore more likely to make people stop and stare. Plus, stories are more interesting than plain old information – visual or not. That’s why people enjoy listening to a good old story so much!

Digital signage is the perfect place to display your company story, as it can be installed wherever it’s going to be seen the most. This could be in your shop window, reception area, meeting space or on the side of a building.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Wherever your digital sign is placed, you have the option of creating short animated clips that tell stories to passers-by. Even if someone pauses for five seconds longer than they would usually, you’ve still managed to communicate five seconds more information than text alone.

Creating a story for your digital sign

When we talk about advertising stories, we’re not referring to ‘once-upon-a-time…’ type tales. Instead, we’re talking about the story of your brand. Who you are, what you do and how your products and services impact your customers or the world around them.

Short, graphic animations are an easy way of communicating brand messages such as these. You can quickly and simply inform people about the outcomes of the work you do, like this video we created for student lettings agency, Unipol.

Student property still not let?

With over 55,000 students looking for accommodation with Unipol each year, why not start advertising your property with Unipol today?

— Unipol Student Homes (@Unipol) May 14, 2018

— Unipol Student Homes (@Unipol) May 14, 2018

Stories can also focus on specific characters or individuals, like this video by Dogs Trust:

Illegally imported puppies suffer a horrific ordeal. Would you want your puppy to start life like this?
Take action to STOP #PuppySmuggling now at 😡❌

— Dogs Trust 💛🐶 (@DogsTrust) October 16, 2018

— Dogs Trust 🐶💛 (@DogsTrust) October 16, 2018

This is a brilliant example of a graphic story that plays to people’s emotions in order to get the point across. Imagine being in a waiting room and seeing this playing on a screen. Is this story more likely to capture your attention than written facts? We think so.

But stories don’t just have to tug at our heart strings to be noticeable. They can also be relatable, funny, serious or informative. Providing they’re told in a creative way, you stand a better chance of holding people’s attention.

Whatever industry you’re in, once you start looking, you’ll notice all sorts of ideas sitting right under your nose. From schools, healthcare providers and charities, right through to manufacturers and high-street retailers – every business can use stories to communicate with their customers or employees.

Why not tell the story of…

  • Your organisation’s journey
  • The community your business is a part of
  • The experiences of your employees
  • Important internal processes
  • Happy customer experiences
  • Charity work or team successes
  • Events you’ve participated in
  • What it’s like to work with you

These are all brilliant ways to make the most of your digital screen. It’s also a lot easier to produce clips like this than you might think. At FASTSIGNS® Leeds, our graphic design team can create short animations in-house. The production of these short videos and clips can be included in the price of your digital signage, making it quick and easy to start broadcasting your memorable stories.

Want to find out more about interactive digital signs? Or chat to us about how you could create a short animated story for your screen? Contact us for a consultation or a quote.