A fresh new sign for a local charity

Author: FASTSIGNS® Leeds

A fresh new sign for a local charity

OWLS (Older Wiser Local Seniors) are a Leeds-based charity that carry out incredible work supporting local seniors. Working throughout Headingley, Burley, Hyde Park, Little Woodhouse and Kirkstall, they help older members of the community live life to the fullest by staying healthy and independent. The work they do is carried out through a range of events like days out, classes and lunch clubs. It’s invaluable charity work that genuinely improves the lives of seniors in the area.

Last year, OWLS carried out an exciting new brand and website refresh with local marketing agency Your Engine Room. The new branding brought OWLS up to date with a modern logo, a smart new website and a social media campaign that helped attract new members and supporters. The only thing missing was signage, which was where we knew we could help.

The importance of signage for charities
We know just how important it is for charities to portray a professional image with their signs and graphics. For OWLS, ensuring that their physical signage was in keeping with their new branding was a priority. Charities are more likely to attract more interest and supporters if they have modern, clean signage that clearly tells passers-by who they are and what they do, rather than old and tired-looking signs that may be ignored.

There are so many benefits to updating your storefront signage:

  • Your signs need to convey the value of your business. Even if what you do is great, a run-down sign can work against you. A fresh new sign is a statement that shows what you do should be taken seriously.
  • A new sign will stand out and attract the attention of people passing by who perhaps overlooked it before. Your old sign was likely blending into the background, but a striking new look to your signage will immediately spark interest.
  • When you decide to invest in new signage, you have the chance to really think about the messaging you want to convey. It’s a perfect opportunity to really fine-tune your messaging and what you want to say to the world.
  • A high-quality new sign will provide your business with long-term value. Wear and tear is inevitable, but ensuring a new sign is study and durable means it’ll stay looking sharp for years to come.

At FASTSIGNS Leeds, we’re always on the lookout for a great cause to get involved with. So, when we heard that OWLS needed fresh new signage for their Headingley base, we were happy to step in.

An eye-catching new sign for OWLS

We teamed up with Your Engine Room to produce and install the new signage for OWLS, all at no cost to the charity. We think it’s important to help local charities that don’t always have the funds available that the national charities do, so we always try to help when we can.

The new sign was based off the brand refresh that was carried out in 2021 and succeeded in bringing the charity’s physical presence completely up to date. With eye-catching brand colours and the striking new logo, the completed sign is guaranteed to attract attention. Crucially, the sign now also tells passers-by exactly what the charity is about, with a tagline that succinctly conveys OWLS’ offering.

A fresh new sign for a local charity

“Moving our base to be on one of the busiest streets in Headingley has been a game changer for our organisation in that we are now more accessible and visible to local older people. Thanks to the fantastically clear message conveyed by FASTSIGNS’ new signage, we are now making even better use of our high street presence.”

- Lee, CEO of OWLS.

Could your signs benefit from a refresh? Get in touch with our team – we can pop by to assess your current signs and quote for any new ones. To find out more about OWLS and the work that they do to support seniors in North West Leeds, please take a look at their website.