FASTSIGNS International Convention 2023

Author: FASTSIGNS® Leeds

FASTSIGNS International Convention 2023

FASTSIGNS International Convention 2023 was held in January of this year in Las Vegas, USA, and was a fantastic celebration of the worldwide FASTSIGNS franchise network. The annual event is always a great opportunity to get up to date with the latest industry news and technologies while connecting with like-minded people in the sign-making industry.

We caught up with FASTSIGNS Leeds Director, Andy, to find out more about his time at the convention.

Hi Andy. How was your time at January’s 2023 FASTSIGNS International Convention in the US? Can you tell us a little about the trip?

The trip was great. I‘ve never been to Las Vegas before so it was great to see all the huge digital signs that are along the strip. I also made a special trip to BrewDog Las Vegas to check out their rooftop sign, and to have a couple of beers of course!

As for the convention, there were some very good keynote speakers and classes covering topics from sales and marketing to recruiting staff and creating a great company culture. The supplier show had new products and equipment on display.

FASTSIGNS International Convention 2023

Can you tell us why attending the convention is important to you?

The highlight of the convention is always meeting with FASTSIGNS franchisees from the USA. As I have now been to over 20 US conventions, I have made some great connections with many of them. It’s also a great opportunity to get business referrals from them when their clients need help with projects in the UK.

I always come back from the convention full of ideas and new things to try to grow our business so it is a great motivator.

What was your main takeaway from the convention?

The importance of building a great team through your company culture. A franchisee who I have been friends with for a number of years, Mike Gilpin from Grand Rapids in Michigan, has written a book called ‘We Before Me’. In it, he describes how he and his father built a great team. As a result, they are one of the top FASTSIGNS stores in the US.

Did you take part in any workshops or educational sessions at the convention, and were there any standout speakers?

Yes, there were workshops and talks every day. One speaker stands out as they really hit a note when talking about sales, saying that successful companies and salespeople in the future will be the ones that embrace technology.

FASTSIGNS International Convention 2023

Aside from the convention, were there any other highlights of your trip?

We walked the full length of the Las Vegas Strip and went up the Stratosphere Tower, where I went on the rooftop ride that throws you over the edge of the building – 866 feet high! I also went to Cirque du Soleil for the first time which was fantastic. The gymnastic abilities of the cast were amazing.

Are there any new ideas for FASTSIGNS Leeds as a result of the convention?

Going forward we want to focus on selling more to existing customers and work on improving the company culture. We also have some new sustainable products we want to look at.

Thank you, Andy!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the FASTSIGNS International Convention 2023. Everyone at FASTSIGNS Leeds is looking forward to putting all the new learnings into practice as we continue to deliver for our customers, old and new. If you’d like to chat about how we can help you stand out through signs, please request a quote or get in touch today.