Why Digital Signs Are Set to Revolutionise the Way Schools Communicate

Author: FASTSIGNS® Leeds

Digital signs help schools and colleges share their messages from one place. Read this blog to find out why creating a digital display is probably easier than you think.

school digital display

The human brain processes visual information up to 10 times faster than text and audio, with graphics, colour and movement helping us to process information more effectively than words alone.

Visual information like video is fast, convenient and easy to take in – both online and out and about – making it a fantastic way of communicating. In fact, video is now so widely used that experts are predicting that it will account for 80% of online traffic by 2019.

Up until recently, access to the right technology has been the biggest obstacle preventing schools adopting more visual means of communicating with pupils, parents and visitors. But all this is set to change.

Digital signage is making it easier and more affordable for schools to share their messages using moving graphics

Within a busy school or college, displaying news and updates where they can be read by everyone can be a challenge. But digital signage allows you to share all your information from one accessible and consistent place.

Use your digital sign to:

  • Share news with pupils, parents and staff
  • Display important announcements and information
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Track scores in sports games and activities
  • Display the date, time, weather or other useful information
  • Send best wishes and welcome messages
  • Advertise events

All this information can be displayed – on rotation – on one or more screens. Not only is this an extremely efficient use of space, but moving graphics will help to catch the attention of passers-by, helping your messages to be seen by more people, more widely.

school digital display

Banish that old dusty notice board and bring your schools entrance or assembly space into the 21st century

Communication is important in any organisation, but particularly so within a learning environment. Relying on outdated methods such as notice boards, posters and flyers could leave you stuck in the past and struggling see a response for your efforts.

Updating your display space with digital signage allows you to create fantastic visual displays and announcements, whenever you need them. You could even get the students involved and help them showcase their work, ideas and messages on the big screen!

Aside from the engagement opportunities, the more obvious reason to invest in a digital screen is the long-term savings made by avoiding additional print or installation costs. You can simply create and upload new content in-house.

Sharing your messages on screen may feel like a big change, but it’s simply a step towards better engaging pupils, teachers and parents who are likely already accessing most information this way on a daily basis.

Think it’s time your school or college looked into a digital display? Tell us your objectives – we’ll help you get started.