3 Easy Steps to Better Wayfinding Signage for Schools

Author: FASTSIGNS® Leeds

Find out how the process of designing a custom wayfinding signage system worked for one Leeds school in this blog from FASTSIGNS® Leeds.

Wayfinding signage in schools

If you’ve ever had an appointment somewhere new and found yourself completely lost, you’ll appreciate the necessity of proper wayfinding signs.

Wayfinding signage is important in all public places. It makes sure a site is safe and easy to navigate. It also stops people from getting lost and ending up late or in the wrong place!

With children and young people to keep safe, plus plenty of regular visitors, wayfinding signage is particularly important in schools.

Designing a wayfinding system that’s fit for purpose isn’t rocket science. It just takes a bit of careful planning and some professional advice.

What makes a good wayfinding system?

  • Clear and correct
  • Systematically placed
  • Consistent branding
  • Durable materials
  • Adaptable to changes

At FASTSIGNS® Leeds, we regularly help schools perfect their wayfinding systems. Whether this is adding in new signs, improving their current signs, or starting from scratch.


We helped a longstanding client the Grammar School at Leeds to install a completely new wayfinding system back in the spring of 2018. We were approached by the school’s site manager, Jane Marsh, with a brief to replace the wayfinding signs around the campus and fields.


The process happened in 3 stages:

  • Site survey and quotation
    The first step was to prepare and agree on the costs based on the school’s proposed list of signs. We worked closely with Jane to identify the function and location of all the signs. This included a site survey where we cross-referenced where signs were needed and could be placed.
  • Design and production
    We had 3 weeks to make 60 signs of various types, shapes, and sizes. We created a schedule and prepared designs for the school’s approval. The signs featured the school’s branding, including an indigo color that was created by matching paint and print colors using a wet paint process.
  • Delivery and installation
    Once the full wayfinding system was designed and produced, we fitted the signs during the 9 days of the Easter break. This meant there was no disruption to the school week and we were able to store the signs safely in the vacant sports halls.
    The finished wayfinding system is clear, thorough, and consistent. Additionally, the incorporation of the school’s branding and the high-quality production of the signage makes the site looks smart and well-presented.

It might seem like a small change, but details like proper signposting can make a school building and grounds more practical every single day. Smart and effective signage also sends a positive message to your pupils, parents, staff, visitors, and the local area.

Are you a school or educational facility looking for signage or branding advice? Talk to us about your requirements today.