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Wayfinding - What, Where, Who?

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith

Clever wayfinding and door signs can help everyone feel at home and know their way around the building.

Are you and your visitors equally lost about wayfinding? Here are a few top tips to help you navigate your way through signage options and your hallways.

Door with signage

Door Plaque

From the moment people arrive on your property until the moment they depart, wayfinding signs and visual graphics help create a more productive, organised environment and get people where they want to go quickly and safely.

Outside, use wayfinding signs to direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and lead visitors and employees to clearly marked entrances of specific buildings.

Inside, help them find their way around with standalone directional signs or complete wayfinding systems that complement your décor. Guide visitors and students to reception or service areas, to offices or classrooms, and to stairs or restrooms.

Security room sign

Door plaques

Directional signage

Create a better experience by using wayfinding signs on walls, windows, pavements, floors, poles, and pillars, and help people get where they are going.

Areas to consider for wayfinding:

  • Parking/Entrance: Where should I go? Direct traffic and visitors in the right direction. Wall or freestanding signs can help with this.
  • Reception: Where to next? Help navigate by pointing out important locations. This can be directory board or a school map.
  • Hallways: Where am I now? Indicate what floor you are on and what rooms is on this floor. Wall graphics or plaques will help with this.
  • Classrooms: Where should I be? Clearly mark all the classrooms for ease of finding and organisation. Door plaques or projecting signs will be easy to read.
  • Offices: Who are you here to see? Show students and visitors where to find the offices. Door plaques can be easily updated as required.
  • Bathrooms: Where can I find these? Help everyone feel at ease finding the required rooms. Wall signs or projecting signs can indicate these. Or even ceiling hanging signs.
  • Stairs: How do I get there? Stair signs help with the navigation and flow of foot traffic in the building. Wall graphics or plaques will help with this.
  • Common areas: Where should I go? Help your students find all the facilities of your school. A map of the school or wall and projecting signs can lead the pupils in the right direction.

Directional Sign on brick wall

Door with Floor indicator

Hanging Directional Sign

Is your school in need of some wayfinding? Let us know how we can help.