The Benefits of Using Window Graphics

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith

Window graphics are the perfect opportunity to promote your business and brand - every window is an opportunity.

Window graphics are the perfect opportunity to promote your business and brand - every window is an opportunity. There are many reasons why it’s important for a business to invest in their window display - it can help improve the look of the business, attract attention, communicate with customers, enhance the reputation of the brand and boost the customer's buying experience.

Here are a few benefits of using window graphics:
Make your business more attractive

  1. This is the first impression customers have of your business. Window vinyl can be used to frame a window display creatively. Frosted or patterned graphics can create a unique brand personality and create a welcoming atmosphere. Full-colour vinyl prints can illustrate products in ideal situations and create curiosity by hiding the store interior.
  2. Extend your business brand
    An attractive business environment can improve the perceived quality of the brand. Window designs can be styled to be modern and fun informative and serious. Placing your brand name, logo, colours, and styling in the eyeline of the consumer increases your brand awareness. A memorable design will help customers remember your brand in the future.
  3. Keep customers informed
    Window vinyl can be used for all kinds of communication - branding, decor, information, list of services, opening hours, contact information, directions, and promoting sales and events. Making the window graphics eye-catching will get passersby interested in the product or service you are promoting.
  4. Cost-effective
    You already have the space available so no need to pay extra for advertising boards in the neighborhood. Once customers see the graphics and interest is created, they do not have far to go to access the product or event that has been advertised. The material is inexpensive and, depending on the size, can be self-installed. Vinyl can also be removed and easily replaced with new updated information.

There are different material options that can be used for window graphics:

The most common material used for window graphics is self-adhesive vinyl. This can be cut vinyl (solid colour) or printed vinyl (any design). Other options are frosted vinyl or translucent coloured film. For short-term graphics, static cling can be used. Alternatively, you can use a one-way material to create privacy inside. With all these options you can apply it to either the inside or outside of your window.

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