Use Signage to Promote Your Brand

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith

FASTSIGNS can customise the right mix of sign and graphic solutions for your brand.

Maximise your brand


Communicate your visual identity with signs and graphics.

Show your audience who you are, what you do, and, most importantly, what you sell with signs and graphics. No matter if you are working to promote new products or services, refining your brand message or completely rebranding. Investing in signage can direct customers to your business. Signage can also be described as visual communication design - show your message, logo, and promotion to your customers by using a visual tool like signage to grab their attention and be remembered.

Extend your branding inside and out



Signage builds brand awareness. Capture attention and stimulate business growth with exterior signs and graphics.

Establish your brand and become recognisable to your customers by branding both exterior signage and interior graphics.

Exterior signage helps increase brand awareness and visibility with the outside world. To make a lasting impression, consider a range of visually appealing options, including dimensional signs attached to the building, banners, wall and window graphics, or even a rooftop graphic that can be seen from a great distance. Amplify your brand’s presence with everything from custom awnings to flags to vehicle graphics and more. Interior signage can include directional signs, promotional material, point of sale, menus, and wall displays. Your branding can be applied to almost everything!

Refresh your look and realign your brand


Sharpen your brand messaging and visuals.

Update your brand by either rebranding or with a brand refresh, a new look can attract a lot of attention. Imagine walking by the same shopfront every day, you will start to forget how it looks. But add a new colour, font, or graphic to the window display or fascia sign and suddenly you have the attention of a passerby again. This also goes for the interior too, making the experience a fun interactive experience that your visitors will remember. Achieve this by small updates to the window and interior displays. Or by a full rebrand which includes a new fascia sign and interior branding.

FASTSIGNS can customise the right mix of sign and graphic solutions for your brand. Ready to take your business to the next level? Click, call, or visit for a free consultation.