Rebounding and Returning to Business

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith

We are more than ready to help you return to business using visual communication tools to inform, educate and promote your business or event.

Festivals and special events

Whether large and elaborate or simple and small, events bring people together.

At each phase of your event - before, during, and after - signs and visual graphics can help you showcase a product or cause, inform and educate about a service, recognise personal or team achievement, show appreciation, and direct and protect attendees, sponsors, staff and other guests.

Before your event, create awareness and build interest with invitations, banners, posters, and flags.

During the event, use exhibits and displays, podium and stage graphics, photo backdrops, wall and floor graphics, and digital signs to extend the theme and brand the event.

Display signs around your event outlining safety measures and showcase what you are doing to keep the event compliant and safe for attendees. Markers can direct traffic, encourage social distancing and remind people to wash their hands at designated stations. Safety signs do not have to be boring, add your brand personality or some fun to the signage. All our signs are customizable to suit your signage needs.

After your event, help people safely exit the premises with directional signage. And why not add a few farewells and thank you signs on the way out.


Retail and restaurants

Now that businesses are open again, it is the perfect time to invite people in.

Whether you are a retail operation looking to update your exterior signage or a restaurant needing to create an atmospheric new style, we can help to reach your audience in eye-catching and inspirational ways.

We can help you raise visibility and meet your specific business challenges using the right mix of signs, graphics, point-of-purchase displays, promotional products, printing and so much more.

By updating the outside - with exterior signs, pavement signs, and promotional window graphics. Or inform customers about product features or promote special offers inside using banner stands, floor graphics, or digital signs.

Launch a new product or service with a colourful point of purchase displays. Create custom wallpaper and counter graphics to extend your messaging through your interior décor.

Signage can also give your visitors confidence that your facility is now open, safety measures are in place and they are welcome to come to visit.


Trade shows and conferences

In today’s world, it takes multiple exposures to get your message noticed. Let us help you extend your message to more places using signs and visual graphics.

When hosting a trade show or conference this year, consider using signage to inform and educate attendees about the safety measures in place. These signs can help direct traffic, keep social distancing in place and remind visitors about hand washing and face protection.

Signs can be free-standing pillars, roller banners, flags, or wall plaques. We can work with your space and help advise what signage will work best in the space.

Make an impact at your booth by using flags and banners to promote new products or special items. Or let us help you make a custom backdrop to maximise your impact. Deploy point-of-sale materials including displays, posters, and counter cards to attract attention, educate and inform your audience. and Use digital signs to get multiple messages out.


We are more than ready to help you return to business using visual communication tools to inform, educate and promote your business. Give us a call today on 0207 751 1121 or contact us on 872