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Rebranding or Brand Refining your business

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith

Let’s chat about your business identity and how we can help you with it.

Once you have set up your business and worked hard at branding the facility and products, you discover things need to pivot for some reason. But what’s next?

There are two categories for updating your business identity: Rebranding or Brand Refining.

Rebranding is when you have complete overall of your company branding. This can be changed in logo, name, colours and/or slogan. This could be because your brand’s target market has changed. Or you need to redefine the company vision, mission and values. By rebranding you are distancing yourself from the old version of your company and coming into a new phase of business.

Brand Refining is when you need to update your brand to realign it. You might need to do this by adjusting the icon or colours. Brand Refinement could be needed if you find your business has grown in a different direction and the company needs a fresh look without losing current customers. Think of it as a refresh rather than a change.

Knowing you need to go through a change means that all your current visuals need to be updated too. This can be overwhelming but we are here to help.

Looking at your current shop front, interior or office; we can help to determine if you can reuse the current or how to replace the old. We have tips and tricks to make this transition as easy as possible for our customers.

We are ready to help you make your (new) statement.

You can reach our customer service team at or give us a call on 0207 7511121.