Your school’s branding is important

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith

A school’s brand identity is an important element to communicate your ethos, vision and values.

To help your institution be noticed your branding needs to be consistent and distinct to stand out from the others.

By investing in your school signage you will give your students a sense of belonging, a community and place to belong. Become a key factor in your local community and a place people can be proud of. It will encourage businesses to be involved with their local educational provider. Attract pupils and families. As well as appealing to staff to apply to work within such a strong and professional environment.

School branding should be meaningful to the school and create an aspirational environment to its pupils. While maintaining a professional image. This can be carried out by using signage along the premises that show off the school values and identity.

Your school signage can support your school identity by making sure the school logo and slogan can be seen from a distance. That all entrances are marked clearly with informative directional signs. On the exterior as well as the interior, use signage and graphics to encourage pupils and staff. Add welcoming signs to greet visitors. Make sure everyone feels comfortable navigating the school grounds by placing well thought out informational signs.

Announce events with temporary signage like banners, announcement boards and posters. Get creative by updating key areas with fun graphics that will encourage pupils to enjoy their space. Or help them focus by changing the tone of voice with quotes and slogans. Or inspire them with showcasing achievements.

You can continue the same tone of voice as you invested into your branding throughout signage around the facility. We can help you navigate the process in understanding how signs can support your educational facility.

Our team is ready to help you transform your educational facility to be an uplifting and inspiring space. Contact us today on or 02077511121. We are ready to help you make a statement.