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Vehicle graphics: A powerful tool for your business

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith

In the dynamic world of marketing and advertising, vehicle graphics have emerged as a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. We have been at the forefront of this trend, transforming vehicles into moving advertisements that capture attention and drive brand visibility. Let’s explore how vehicle graphics can revolutionise your business.

Here at FASTSIGNS Hammersmith we celebrate the versatility of vehicle graphics. From small startups to large corporations, all can benefit from this cost-effective marketing strategy. Every vehicle becomes a canvas for creative expression and brand storytelling.


Vehicle graphics offer unparalleled reach and impact. Unlike stationary advertising boards, vehicles adorned with striking graphics move through the city, reaching a diverse and widespread audience. Whether it's a single car or an entire fleet, vehicle graphics turn everyday commutes into opportunities
for brand exposure.


Creating impactful vehicle graphics requires a blend of creative design and technical precision. At FASTSIGNS, the process begins with understanding the client’s brand and marketing goals. Designers then craft visuals that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also convey the desired message effectively.


We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. The selection of adhesives, vinyl, and laminates is critical to withstand various weather conditions and maintain the vibrancy of the graphics over time. The application process is equally important. Our skilled team meticulously install the graphics, ensuring a seamless fit that follows the vehicle’s contours and avoids bubbles or wrinkles.


One of the standout features of vehicle graphics is their versatility. They can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different businesses and industries. For instance:

  • Retail and Food Services: Delivery vans and trucks with branded graphics not only advertise the business but also build trust and recognition among customers.
  • Service Industries: Plumbing, electrical or similar companies can enhance their professional image and reach potential customers by branding their service vehicles.
  • Corporate Fleets: Large companies can maintain a consistent brand presence across multiple locations with uniformly branded fleet vehicles.
  • Small businesses: Create brand recognition by advertising on the go. You never know when you can cross paths with a potential customer.

Vehicle graphics are a powerful marketing tool that combines creativity, mobility, and visibility to elevate business branding efforts. We have helped numerous businesses unlock the potential of their vehicles as advertising platforms. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or establish a professional image, vehicle graphics offer a compelling solution.

For businesses ready to take their marketing to the next level, FASTSIGNS provides the expertise and quality needed to make a lasting impression on the road. Discover how vehicle graphics can transform your business by contacting us today. Our sales team is more than ready to help you.