Vista Entertainment

New Office Space Transformed

The Challenge

The client wanted to transform the work space into an inspiring fun environment, while providing privacy in certain areas. They also wanted to honour strict brand colour specifications. Together with the client we discussed what would be the best materials to create the look and feel the client was after, within the requirements for the brand.

The Solution

The new office space had a lot of glass walls and empty wall space. With a wide variety of material options to consider, there are numerous ways you can personalise your space. The signage can extend from serving a purpose to also be decorative.

Vista Entertainment had a vision for what they wanted their new space to look like. It included a variety of colour to identify specific areas and brands. Using key words cut away from the background colour to break up the solid colour bands. By using the translucent film on the glass it creates a unique look to the space. This film creates some privacy and adds colour but does not block out light. It keeps a light and airy feeling to the interior.

Wall graphics Wall lettering TV Wall graphics TV Wall covering Translucent film with cutout lettering Translucent window graphics Translucent film Interior frosted glass Frosted glass with lettering Translucent film with lettering Translucent glass covering Frosted door and interior window Frosted windows Translucent film applied to interior glass window and door Wall graphics and decals

In addition to the colourful window film, we also installed some vinyl wall graphics in the reception, cafeteria and along some offices. This was an effective solution to brighten up the space without having to worry about imagery and large prints.

The Result

A beautiful bold and colourful working environment that brightens the space but not overwhelm the employees.