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Architectural Signage Solution for Your Hotel

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith

Whether you want to establish brand identity for properties, connect people to places with wayfinding, captivate audiences with digital signs or enhance surfaces with unique finishes, we can help.

Signage solutions can enhance your Hotel from design to experience. We list our top 10 areas to focus on when considering hospitality signage:

1. External brand signs

Attract more customers with eye catching visual communication solutions. Your exterior signage is your chance to make the best first impression. Whether it’s illuminated, dimensional or understated elegance, make it count! Using projecting signage or post mounted signs, with an option of a variety of materials to compliment your brand. Use bespoke architectural signs that will be eye-catching and make your brand stand out.

2. External wayfinding

External wayfinding signs will direct new customers to the correct area and make them feel at home from the start. A variety of external wayfinding signs are available designed to be reliable and durable. Weather subtle or understated or illuminated, we will consider every aspect to make it fit with your brand and environment. Products that can be used is direction signs, directories, totem signs and wall plaques.


3. Internal reception

Invite your customers in to feel at home immediately by identifying your reception clearly. Make this area informative by using useful signage and displays, in the correct tone of voice. We can help achieve this by choosing the right material for your brand and space.

4. Internal wayfinding

Once your customers start interacting with the space, you want to continue your brand tone through all communications. Make it easy for visitors to find their way around and make them feel at home. Informative signs can be classic elegant signage that is easily installed or be a stand out feature, with design or illumination.

5. Meeting and other signs

If you have other facilities in the Hotel, make sure these are easily identifiable by big groups by placing them at easy reading height when navigating around the Hotel corridor or reception. Consider adding elements to the door signs to elevate its use – like showing if the room is occupied or not. Or allowing for companies to add their own branding.

6. Manifestation

Frosted window manifestation is not only a safety precaution for large windows but also offers a unique design opportunity. It is also used to me areas more private and separate rooms from passing foot-fall. Frosted vinyl can be printed or cut out to bespoke designs. This is a great subtle area to bring character to an otherwise plain space.

Frosted windowFrosted windowFrosted window

7. Digital signs

Digital signs are becoming a major trend within businesses. This allows multiple message to be easily communicated to customers. Or add an interactive element to your visitors experience with touch-screen capabilities. These screens can be used as one off or as part of a collection and can be useful in the reception for sharing information. Screens can also be used in the restaurant or breakfast room or for spa bookings and services.

8. Room signs

All rooms needs to be identified, so why not use this opportunity to extend your brand further into the hotel. We can help you to choose the correct material and finish that will suite your requirements and will be long lasting. This is also a fun space to think outside the box and create something your customers will remember – choice and material and finish can have a big impact on the overall effect.

door door door door

9. Statuary signs

Safety in a hotel is very important. We can supply you with all the required signage to be located at strategic points. Signage to consider is fire safety, hazard, warning signs and emergency exits.

10. Wall art

Signage can be more than just signs. We can use our knowledge of material to help create a feature piece or unique wall art. This included vinyl wall wraps to canvas prints, mounted art prints or a 3-dimensional or illuminated installation.

Our visual communications specialists work on everything from large interior design projects with bespoke wallpaper, illuminated signage and wall graphics, through to something simple like a new seasonal menu or leaflets. From consultation to completion, design to delivery, we can help you come up with ideas to help you make an impact. Give us a call today on (020) 383-5536 x9 or contact our consultants.