How to Make Safety Signs Work for Your Brand

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith

During this reopening period, it is important to keep in mind that safety signs will become increasingly more important.

We understand that a lot went into creating your brand and styling both the interior and exterior of your business. Take this further and apply your brand colors, styling, and language to create safety signs for your business. All signs can be customised to work within the visual identity of your business.


  • Keep the message, and change the colors. Wayfinding and social distancing signs can be made in your business colors. Update stock messages to reflect your brand style in colour and font. Or add a bit of flair to the sneeze guards.
  • Add personality to your messaging. Use your own tone of voice to communicate social distancing messaging. Or add a personalized message to your graphics and signs to match your business’ communication style.
  • Have fun with signage. Get creative with how you communicate with your customers. Safety signs do not have to be unattractive, add a graphic or catchphrase that will make an impact. Have fun with your signs and grab the attention of visitors.

There are plenty of opportunities to make safety signs and social distancing messages work for your business and requirements.

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