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Keep Safe Inside Your Business

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith

Once you open your business doors make sure that you have prepared your facility for visiting customers.

Keep in mind the way visitors interact with the space and employees and try to identify the problem areas that need to be addressed or adjusted.

There are various solutions that can help navigate, protect or educate. Here are a few ideas to consider.


  1. Once visitors are inside, where do they go? Use direction signs to help them find their way around and keep an appropriate distance. Good solutions for his floor graphics, freestanding signs, or wall-mounted signs.
  2. Does your staff interact with the public? Why not use safety screens (sneeze guards) as a protective barrier. Most screens have a hand opening that makes transactions easier. These screens can be custom-made to suit your requirements. Why not add your branding or special message to it?
  3. Ensure people keep good hygiene by adding additional hand sanitation stations. If you are worried about people interacting with your staff, each other, or touching your products, why not add an additional hand wash facility. These can be freestanding so easily moved around or stored away. Or alternatively, it can be fixed to a wall. This is ideal for an outdoor courtyard.
  4. Will you need to crowd control or have a waiting area? Mark designated areas with signage to make it clear where to wait and how to behave once in this area.
  5. Filter traffic into your facility slowly by having specific waiting areas or section-off areas that are at maximum capacity. This can be achieved by using waiting markers or cafe barriers.
    Worried people will not have enough patience to wait in inline? Add digital signs to your facility to keep your visitors occupied. These signs are very helpful to
    communicate special messages, advertise and keep viewers engaged.

Interior signage does not have to damper the mood of the business, it can enhance the experience of your visitors and staff. Effective signage will make them feel safe and encouraged to engage with their surroundings. As with all signage, safety signs can easily be adjusted to suit your specific visual needs and to match the business requirements.

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