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Digital Kiosk : Enhancing Your Overall Visitor Experience

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith

Freestanding digital kiosks deliver messages at eye level and come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, including touchscreen.


Communicate multiple messages in the same compact space using a digital kiosk. Attract attention and engage your audience with photography, colour, and motion. Digital kiosks are self-contained and can be placed in a lobby, retail area, waiting area, hallway, break room, or any other location that has access to an electrical outlet.

Content can be changed by transferring it onto a USB drive, or a media player can be added to the kiosk to allow for changes and scheduling to be executed remotely over the internet.

We can provide affordable professional-grade digital kiosks that are designed to plug in and play for desired timeframes or 24/7. All digital kiosks are self-contained and take up very little space.

digital kiosks

digital kiosks

digital kiosks

Advantages of Digital Kiosks:

  • Update/change content with a USB drive
  • Allow remote changes if a media player is added
  • Advertise special events and daily specials
  • Generate revenue by selling ads that run on the digital kiosk

Uses of Digital Kiosks:

  • Advertise waiting in line or sitting at the bar
  • Back of the house to educate
  • Engage and excite employees about company benefits
  • Promote events and daily specials
  • In your showroom, waiting room, or service area
  • Near the cardio workout area or swim in the indoor pool
  • Promote your programs and athletic club services

The options are endless.

digital kiosks

digital kiosks

Project your message to the right people at the right time with interactive digital signage. Eye-catching and engaging, digital messaging signs can help attract attention, boost sales and ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Digital kiosks are highly noticeable and self-contained. Show your customers all that you offer in an engaging way. It can make an impact on customers as soon as they walk in the front door.

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