Wayfinding Is Important on Campus to Help Keep Pedestrian Traffic Moving in the Right Direction

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith

Use signage to communicate with your visitors and make the experience as easy as possible. Directional signs are not only very informative but give you the opportunity to display your school name and branding. Make it a part of your normal décor or let it stand out in a different manner.

From the moment people arrive on your property until the moment they depart, wayfinding signs and visual graphics help create a more productive, organised environment and get people where they want to go quickly and safely.

Outside, use wayfinding signs to direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and lead visitors and employees to clearly marked entrances of specific buildings. Inside, help them find their way around with standalone directional signs or complete wayfinding systems that complement your décor. Wayfinding signs can be used around the campus as well as inside the building to direct foot traffic in the right direction. You want the pupils to feel at ease moving through the hallways without worrying about which way to go.

Help them navigate

Using plaques with branding can make it easier for everyone to navigate around the hallways


Make it a part of the décor

You can add creative wall graphics that also doubles as wayfinding

wall graphics

High above the hallway traffic

Add hanging signs to make it visible to everyone and easily noticeable from far away


Guide along the floor

Include wayfinding arrows or colour code the floor to help everyone identify where they are or where they are going. Not everyone pays attention to what is going around them


Make the first impression

Add a directory or map to the entrance of the property that’ll help guests understand the layout or new pupils can easily use it as a reference.


Take your message outside

Guide arriving pupils, parents, or visitors to the correct area for them by adding wayfinding to the entrance and campus grounds.


Are you ready to create a better experience by using wayfinding signs on walls, windows, pavements, floors, poles, and pillars, and help pupils get where they are going? FASTSIGNS is more than ready to help. Give us a call on (020) 383-5536 x9.