Safety Signs Outside Your Facility

Author: FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith


Banners & A-Frames - These signs are an easy way to communicate changes in schedule, opening hours or send out a message. Use signs like Banners and A-Frames to inform passing footfall of your service offerings from a distance.

Sanitisation Stations

Sanitisation Stations - You may feel the need to ask all patrons to disinfect their hands when entering and leaving your premises. Have strategically positioned sanitisation stations with your branding and required messaging to ensure everyone understands your required actions.


Breeze Barriers and Queue Management - It’s likely that once businesses open again that you will need to manage the number of people trying to enter your facility. You can use breeze barriers to clearly define where people can safely stand whilst queuing for entry and at the same time share important information on social distancing or use it as a branding opportunity.

Pavement Markers

Playground and Pavement Markers - Students may be required to assemble and distance themselves in the playground for morning bell, break-times, lunch-times and at home-time. To promote social distancing, place markets on the floor to indicate how far apart students should stand. This is also helpful when managing a queue outside your office or shop. Hard-wearing floor graphics or painted stencils could be used to achieve the desired result.


Ensuring Safety and Efficiency - It is especially important if your business operations have changed to ensure wayfinding signage is in place to direct employees and visitors to the best routes in your building to avoid excess lingering. Mark entrances and exits with clear, compliant signs. Use Braille, bilingual and universal signage elements to help accessibility.


Connect With the Community - Hang a banner or poster in the window to communicate a message with customers or visitors. If it is to update them on the latest information or trading hours; or a kind message to welcome them in. You can provide employees or customers with a sticker encouraging them to maintain the recommended safe distance.

Plan ahead for when the lockdown eases and businesses start opening their doors or maybe you will remain trading online for a while. Tell your customers of your latest news when they walk by your store.

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