Digital Signage

Digital Signs Improve Workflow in Numerous Industries

Author: Hannah Evans

Well organised workplace environments can have a hugely positive effect on productivity, as digital signs are becoming more commonplace in UK businesses, we are taking a look at how they can be used in different industries to the benefit of productivity and workflow.

In office environments, placing digital screens in common areas such as the staff room can help keep staff informed on a number of topics. The beauty of digital screens is that they can deliver numerous messages in a short space of time, meaning staff can be updated on information such as meeting room updates, company news, motivational messages, messages from upper management, create excitement for company happenings, awards and accreditations and so much more.

Vivi digital signage

In retail, shopping centres are often sprawling and attract large numbers of people at any one time, who are all moving from shop to shop under their own agenda, digital and interactive directional and wayfinding screens are a great way to reduce bottlenecks and keeps traffic moving, effectively reducing stress for retail staff.

digital kiosk

Medical facilities such as GP surgeries and dentist offices are becoming ‘quiet’ areas, in order to promote health and well being. Digital kiosks are being used to check patients in for their appointments, additional screens are used to show messages when the doctor is ready for the the patient and indicates which treatment room they should go to without any noise being made.

hospital kiosk

In manufacturing facilities digital workflow systems and boards can provide updated production information in real time so managers, supervisors and employees are aware of the  status of a project at any time without work being missed, duplicated or requiring someone to constantly update the board manually.

Whilst digital screens and systems are rapidly growing in the UK workplace, it is important to ensure that all information displayed on the digital screens is correct, it is worth empowering a small number of team members to update the information frequently, ensuring that any information displayed is accurate and on brand.

Having an effective digital sign programme in place gives employees another great way to stay informed and productive, no matter the industry they work in.