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Get Your Head Around Exhibiting With These 3 Simple Tips.

Author: Emily Heathcote

There is so much to consider when exhibiting at an event; Theme, branded flags, branded banners, uniform, handouts, staffing, leaflets, the list seems endless…. But most importantly you need to know how do you do it right? You don’t need to spend a fortune and go over the top to make a positive, lasting impression with your exhibit. Follow these 3 simple steps and you will be sure to succeed!

1. Don’t over complicate things.

Sometimes less is more. Whilst you want your stand to be eye catching you also want to portray your message simply and effectively. Overcrowding your exhibition stand with complicated graphics and objects can make your stand look messy and may discourage attendees from visiting you. Keep your message clear and concise, use interesting graphics accompanied by a few simple statements. Using strategically placed flags, banner and digital signage can also help to make you stand out without breaking the bank.

custom wall graphic

2. Dress to impress.

Nothing puts people off visiting a stand more than poorly dressed staff members. Ensure that all people manning the stand are smart, professional and wearing the same uniform. Think about the image that you are portraying. Although a full suit looks very professional it can also be uninviting, whereas a T-shirt can be untidy. Your aim is to achieve a balance between approachableness and professionalism.

 man and woman dressed professionally

3. Get your handouts right.

Everybody loves a freebee. We all go to shows and revel in the free pens, sticky notes and other pointless giveaways that we amass only to go home, put it all in a draw and forget about it. The best giveaways that you can provide are the ones that people take away with them and actually use. This allows that person to see your logo on a daily basis. For example a small tin of travel mints with your logo and contact details on is a perfect give away- everyone likes mints, they last a while, they’re compact and let’s face it- no one throws away free refreshments!

If you are going to do giveaways then don’t skimp on cost- cheap pens end up in the bin! We all have that one pen at home or work that’s been around so long and used so much that the logo on it has started to wear off- this pen would have cost a few pence more than budget pens, but it’s worth every penny to keep your company in the minds of all of those people using it.

heart collage of various items

No matter how large or small your budget, FASTSIGNS can help you to make your exhibition a success. From exhibition stands, flags and banner to pens and personalised clothing-we have every base covered. Get in touch to find out how we can help you at or on (017) 852-5314 x0.

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