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Stand Out From the Competition at Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Author: Hannah Evans

Most businesses that are looking for a way to grow their customer base, gain a stronger presence in their industry or increase awareness of a product or service, may have considered showcasing their business at an exhibition or trade show event as part of their marketing mix.

Exhibitions and trade show draw stakeholders of a given industry together. Businesses that choose to exhibit at a show will have a small area within a larger event and can showcase their business offerings to a dedicated audience; this also means their direct competition will more than likely have a presence at the same show!

Having a stand that out performs a competitor’s is imperative at exhibitions, an eye catching and visually engaging stand can help to attract visitors and communicate your brand messaging to the event attendees. Exhibition spaces can be small and challenging to brand effectively, however, exhibition and trade show stands can be developed to be impactful, collapsible for convenient storage and developed to suit most budgets.

KentuckyOne Health exhibit

Signage that stands out can have the biggest impact, such as hanging signs and structures which hang above your exhibition space and create a focal point above your stand, providing visibility above other exhibitors. The available space on this stand allows businesses to display large graphics and messaging that is not at the expense of valuable floor space within a stand.

Garden on the wall digital signage

Back Walls, Panelling and other Furniture Elements can be designed to fit your exhibition space, utilising brand décor, messaging and colours to very quickly immerse your stand visitors in the ethos and culture of a business. This first impression of having effective signage could help passing visitors seek more information by either talking to a company representative or taking literature to digest later.

custom digital signage

Digital signage solutions can have a huge effect at exhibitions and trade shows, interactive digital signage can be a great way to help draw customers to your stand. Other capabilities that digital signage can offer is the ability to deliver numerous messages in a short period of time, including video and imagery that can illustrate your product offering to stand visitors when they are unable to talk to a company representative.