2021: The Year for Creatives to Be Positive

Author: Melinda Martin

Stating the Obvious

2020 was pretty rubbish. We all know it, we all lived it. If I receive one more email about “these uncertain times,” I may scream.


Marketers and advertisers scrambled during all three of the UK lockdowns to relate to their audiences and were forced to PIVOT. Sidenote: I always think of that Friends episode whenever I hear anyone say “pivot”:


Dealing with COVID-19 quarantine, working from home, “the new normal” and much more; we were forced to get creative and that gives me hope.

Creatives should grab onto this “Renaissance” and be positive going forward. We’ve all had to learn how to navigate and learn from each other, which naturally encourages creativity and positive vibes.

It's Cool to be Kind!

Make A Difference

Now is our opportunity to really be heard and make our work matter. Dark and negative times foster new ideas to better our situation and help one another. There will be less conversations on things that don’t really matter and more focus on telling the stories that need to be told. I feel like 2020 can be a reset: people have had time to reflect and get perspective and rediscover what’s REALLY important. As Creatives, let’s capitalise on that and be good citizens of change.

Uncertain Times

I said it... Small businesses are hurting and facing uncertainty and so are we. Unpredictability fosters invention and ingenuity. Human beings are amazing creatures who can accomplish anything they set their minds to. I’m excited to see how marketing and advertising changes this year.

New Opportunities and Better Wages

I was furloughed for several months back in March like many other Graphic Designers/Creatives. Almost a year later, our jobs are now in high demand.

“With society moving online for most of its activities, every company has become a digital company. The need for great design to distinguish a brand has never been more urgent.” - Creative Boom

User Experience Equals Industry Survival

UX (User Experience) Designers are the designers who will rule the roost. Many graphic designers don’t have much experience with UX Design and will need to sharpen their skills to meet the ever evolving role of “Graphic Designer.” And those who are proficient will be (and are) well paid.

More Demand for Motion Graphics

Since ecommerce is now more important than before, brands want to stand out from the crowd with motion graphics. As technology advances with smartphones and smart TVs with faster speeds and higher quality resolution, this will only increase demand.

Work/Life Balance

We have discovered that working from home is doable. It may not be ideal for every industry, but we can emerge from “Pandemic Times” with a more flexible attitude towards the concept. The worker bees have discovered how to manage their workloads and lifeloads, and the executives and managers see the work is still getting done effectively.

More Opportunities For Diversity

Today more people work remotely than ever before. The world wide web is just that: worldwide. How exciting is it that you can work directly with someone who is on the other side of the world from where you are? Endless possibilities for collaboration of cultures and minds.

Turn A Negative Into A Positive

2020 was the negative that we can take and turn into a positive. That’s pretty much the definition of creativity. I am hopeful for the future of creative work. Graphic Designers and Creatives don’t just “make it look pretty”. We can make a difference. Let’s start now.