Use Signage to Communicate and Say Thank You to Your Staff

Author: Hannah Evans

Everyone loves a workplace environment that values the time and effort their staff give to their job roles everyday, however, when working at the coalface sometimes, ‘Thank Yous’ can go unsaid. Not because of rudeness or because the behaviour exhibited is expected as part of a person’s job role, gratitude can remain ungiven simply because everyone is busy.

This is true of every business, however a business that takes the time to recognise, communicate with and thank their staff, is a great one. Signage can be employed to help business with their internal communication strategies and go some way to helping their staff know that they are valued.

digital screen on the wall

Communication is the key to delivering information, the method in which it is distributed can assist in cutting through all of the other noise in office spaces. Digital signage can help by being placed throughout your offices, updates can be made to inform staff, recognise their achievements in front of their colleagues and peers and even celebrate events such as birthdays!

office work board with illustration

Healthy competition can encourage team members to hit their targets, use display boards to track employees performance each month and provide a small prize for their efforts.

reserve parking sign

This prize could be anything from an employee of the month parking space or a plaque or trophy for their desk, a shout out on a digital screen or a post on corporate social media pages.

Keeping your staff informed and factoring in recognition and celebration of staff members in to day to day communications can be a great way to ensure your thank you’s are always delivered, even if not always said out loud!