Use Signage to Promote Culture, Values and Ethics

Author: Hannah Evans

As the UK workforce continues to be bolstered by Millenials and the up and coming Generation Z, workplace ideals continue to progressively change. Previous workforces have been motivated by monetary gain, promotions and recognition, whilst still important to a younger workforce, millennials and generation z are also motivated by how the core values, culture and ethics of a corporate business align with their own. It is important that businesses openly share their culture and values in order to attract and build trust, not only with the customer but also with their current and potential employees.

A great way for business to showcase their core values, achievements, culture and ethics is through a variety of different types of signage.

Vinyl wall, window and floor graphics

Walls, windows and floors provide huge canvases to share inspirational quotes, objectives, values and visuals that employees will interact with every single day.

canvasses on the wall

custom wall graphics

Digital Screens

Having a digital screen housed in reception, meeting spaces or break rooms, can constantly feed core values and new information to your staff, helping them to feel consistently and instantly informed. Digital signs can host more than one message at any one time and can also host incoming information, such as a social media feed. As an example, linking a customer feedback twitter feed into screen so employees can keep up to date with customer perception of the business is a great motivator for staff striving to be the best they can be in their job roles.

custom digital signage

You could also use digital screen to recognise staff achievements by showcasing employee of the month screens, welcome visitors and shout out to staff about cake in the break room!

Banners & Flags

Companies often have stories that they need to shout about as they align perfectly with their core values but won’t want to disrupt their standard signage to share this message. Banners and flags are a great way share temporary messages with staff that can have a real impact of their knowledge and understanding of the brand’s achievements, culture and ethics.

custom outdoor banner