Wayfinding/Directional Signage

Reasons to Maximise Your Events With Wayfinding Signs and Graphics

Author: Hannah Evans

Events involve many moving parts and sometimes, the most basic elements may be unintentionally overlooked by event organisers. Whilst planning, step into your attendee’s shoes and consider the potential challenges an attendee may face when attending your event. Taking this objective look can help you create an effective visual communications plan for your next event and hopefully uncover any of the ‘sticking point’s your visitors may have!

Here are some of the most common challenges affect most event attendees — otherwise known as, real people.

Real People Do Get Lost

Use directional signage, add A-boards to many areas of the event, keep the event branding incorporated to keep the message consistent and in people’s consciousness Emphasize directional information on these signs to help guide people where they need to go, such as food, drinks and souvenirs stands.

flealess market signage

beer garden signage

custom outdoor signages

Real People Are Easily Distracted

It’s easy to get distracted when there’s so much to see and do, use signage to help minimise the overwhelming nature of events. Ensure that each trade stand and booths get equal representation on signage to attract visitors. Signage can also help with the flow of traffic, avoiding bottlenecks and encourage an overall positive experience for attendees.

custom exhibit displays

registration booth graphics

custom stand board signage

custom wayfinding board

Real People Have Questions

When people attend events they have a number of questions, including Where’s the bathroom...? What’s the agenda...? How do I get to…?

Use branded signage to answer most of these questions and incorporate wayfinding that helps event attendees work out how to get where they want to go. Considering what the most frequently asked questions will be before the event, will help you create an organised atmosphere, ensuring that people get less stressed and enjoy their experience.

toilets signage

sydney festival signage

custom event panel signage

custom event graphics on stairs

open event flag

Can you relate to any of the above in your experience as an event planner or event attendee? If so, there are visual solutions for these everyday challenges. If you’re involved in the event planning world and need help, give us a call. We are more than ready to help!