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Hints and Tips for Corporate Event Planning

Author: Hannah Evans

When planning event there are lots of things to consider and small elements to collate, this can be daunting task for many business owners and event organisers.

Here are 5 tips to help you thrown your best corporate events yet.

1. Understand the aim of your event

By understanding the aim and what you wish to achieve from your event, you can gain insight into the theme and timing of your event. Knowing this information will help you set realistic goals for your event to achieve. If the aim of your event is to raise awareness of your business in your local area, it is a good idea to put on an event which welcomes customers in to your business.

The perfect timing for this event is in the evening after your business has closed for the day, having your celebration at this time of the day will ensure your guests are able to attend. It’s also a good idea to check that there aren’t any other events happening at the time you wish to hold your event which may stop some of your guests attending.

Corporate event planning graphics

2. Make some noise about your event!

Once you have selected a time, date and theme for your event, collate your guest list, send invites out, hang posters in your facilities, have conversations with customers and share information on your social media. Tell people about your event and generate interest, encouraging people to attend. Set an RSVP date and your contact details on the invites and other printed literature to help your guests let you know if they will be attending. This step is crucial to helping you arrange other areas for your event. Create some event banners to display at the site or if it’s a public event, on the front of your workplace. Don’t forget to add the date, location and main attractions!

festival stage signage

3. Order food, beverages and entertainment

Now you know how many guests are attending make sure you have all the elements to help keep them entertained for the duration. If you are welcoming people into your business, host tours of your facilities, show them around and help them understand your business. If you are holding an event after your usual business hours ensure there is food and drink available for your guests. Printed drinks menus or custom printed bar signs help keep queues move quickly by displaying the available options prominently at service points.

4. During your event – Signage helps you communicate!

Depending on the event, hang posters and banners to highlight and help communicate the theme of your event. Event signage is crucial to ensuring your event runs smoothly and that everyone attending stays informed. Use digital kiosks, to keep your attendees up to date with the most up to date information about your business and the event.

Any event is a great time to reward and recognise your staff, customers and guests in front of your audience, says thank you with small gifts, custom designed trophies or tokens of gratitude.

Keep your event moving by using clearly displayed wayfinding signs and floor graphics to help them find their way around your facilities easily.

At any event, you are gathering a large number of people to one place; this is a great opportunity to complete an audit of your safety signage, ensure that it continues to adhere to regulations and is well displayed in your facilities to keep your guests safe.  Toilet signs are a must for large outdoor events and newcomers to your premises – especially if there are drinks involved!

corporate event planning floor graphics

5. Let it Live On!

Your event doesn’t need to end on the night, continue the good feeling and success by sending thank you letter to those that attended and share links to any professional images that may have been taken on the night to them so they can relive the event.  For public events, consider a new brochure design and include this in a take-home bag, complete with some personalised stationery and free samples of yours or your suppliers’ products as they exit.