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How to Build Enthusiasm in the Office

Author: Hannah Evans

Every once in a while, your employees may need more than coffee to get them back on track in the office. There are a few ways that employers can boost morale, whether it’s a company holiday or field trip away from the office. But there are other strategies that can have a more lasting impact on your employees and business without losing a day of productivity. Upgrading the office environment through creative signage is one of those strategies. Here are a few ideas that will build enthusiasm in your office.

Company Culture

The main goal of installing creative signage throughout your office is to build, enhance and highlight your company culture. This can be accomplished through a variety of signage solutions. Install a dimensional letter display at your entrance to establish a professional setting and make a good impression on new employees and visitors. Wall graphics can be used to highlight a company motto or motivational quote. Use consistent colour schemes and messaging to instill a company identity and create a team atmosphere.

Employee Recognition

Recognising employees for a job well done is one of the most effective ways to motivate employees. While a simple “thank you” or “Well Done” can go a long way, a more public display of recognition can go even further. Use digital signs to create a brag board, where compliments can be formally posted and displayed for everyone in the office. These notices can bring the right attention to the right people and encourage employees to keep up the good work or motivate them to get on the board.

Increase Competition

Some healthy competition can get the blood flowing in an otherwise flat office atmosphere. If your office is sales-driven, a display board to track performance can be highly motivating and create just enough competition to make every day an energising experience. For a more friendly competition, keep track of department contests such as food drives, energy efficiency or weight loss. Competition can bring a new


Use your office signage to celebrate employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries. A company-wide email is a nice gesture, but a creative celebration can make an employee feel valued while also giving the rest of the office a fun outlet. Extend the notification to your digital signage or transform a room with banners or floor graphics. A genuine celebration of your employee can make them feel more connected to their employer than an impersonal email blast.

Every office will have peaks and troughs when it comes to employee morale and enthusiasm.  Whether those changes with sincere and active communication with your employees through creative signage solutions. These signs are capable of turning the mundane into motivation and sustaining a healthy, engaging atmosphere that benefits employees and business. For more ideas on how to build enthusiasm in your office, contact your local FASTSIGNS today!

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