Visual Communications

What Is a Comprehensive Solution?

Author: Hannah Evans

Comprehensive solution collage

Often a customer will approach FASTSIGNS when they have identified a need for a specific type of sign, generally, it is a product that they are familiar with and will have identified a space in their venue for it to be installed.

As the customer isn’t an expert in signage, they probably won’t have an in-depth knowledge of all signage solutions and materials available to them, and won’t have considered alternative signage options that could be employed to offer better value and deliver more impact in communicating their messages.

On the other hand, when a FASTSIGNS Visual Communication Experts enter a building, it takes a moment for them to adjust to their surroundings; it can be very difficult for them to see a space without noticing all of the intricate details about the signage present.

They will also see an opportunity for signs that aren’t there…

Visual Communications Experts use an objective eye to appraise their surroundings and identify number signage options that could be used to help effectively promote and communicate to the people who will pass through that space.

By identifying a number of different signage options, they are creating a comprehensive solution.

A comprehensive solution is the combined use of many signage applications, that embraces all opportunities to share a customer’s messages and could include any type of signage from external building signs to temporary vinyl window, wall and floor graphics, promotional materials, flyers, business cards, posters, banners and so much more.

A Visual Communications Expert understands that every businesses comprehensive solution will be unique and they will impartially appraise the signage project, to effectively create a comprehensive solution that includes as many signage options as possible. It is important to understand the customer’s exact requirements for their signs and graphics; key information that they need to gather, includes:

  • The sign or graphics intended use
  • Length of time needed
  • The client’s budget
  • Brand guidelines

From this information, a Visual Communications Expert can develop a comprehensive solution, which uses the benefit of their signage experience, to solve the customer’s communication challenge but also exceed their expectations.