Wayfinding/Directional Signage

Directional Signage for Education Facilities

Author: Hannah Evans

Schools, colleges and university campuses can cover sprawling spaces and play host to many different departments and facilities, not to mention a vast population of students and staff. Often schools run to strict time tables so there are peaks and troughs of activity in corridors; whilst lessons are in session corridors are a quiet place, however, when students are dashing to their next class or seminar, corridors can be busy places with large numbers of students moving in different directions.

Having effective wayfinding signage can help to keep pedestrian traffic moving in the right direction and helps to maintain order in the busiest of times, reducing bottlenecks and assisting the school timetable to keep running smoothly.

Girls bathroom decalsdoor vinyl decals

Door plaques and directories are a great way to help students locate the correct corridors and rooms. Consider making wayfinding easy using a colour coded system for each department. Assign each department a colour and create a visual aesthetic using interior decor signage like wall graphics designed in the department’s colour pallet, making each department easy to identify by colour. Install directories noting each department’s colour and install a door plaque on each door in the relevant colour, creating an effective wayfinding system that is easy for students and staff to orientate themselves in.

interactive digital display

Digital signage could also be a great tool to help reduce wayfinding difficulties on campus. Interactive digital directories, these intuitive screens can allow the user to scroll through departments, staff and locations, find the area they want and then 3D mapping technology can show the most direct route to the users intended destination.

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School playing fields are also part of the wider education facility, with football pitches, tennis courts, rounders fields and athletic tracks to locate, outdoor education facilities can be as hard to navigate as the indoor corridor environment. Consider using post and panels or fingerposts that point users in the right direction for the sports venue. Day to day, students can get to their physical education facilities easier and visitors for tournaments and matches can easily find their way.

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