Why Contemporary Point of Sale and Digital Signage Matter to Your Business

Author: Hannah Evans

We all know that point of sale materials play an important part in any marketing strategy – but what does point of sale display say about your business?

Continually updating and refreshing POS and its messages is the best way to keep your customer engaged and this should be reflected in the visuals. A bright, fresh, clean and colourful POS will naturally give people a positive impression of your brand and standards so it makes sense to spend time making it as effective as it can be.

restaurant signage

If your POS has not been updated and has been left to become shabby, customers will almost certainly walk away with a very different idea of your brand.

This is why you should make it part of your weekly or daily routine to check all POS areas and ensure you’re conveying the right message consistently. After all, you do not want to end up promoting last month’s deal or sending out mixed messages about your products and services. Coming up with innovative point of sale ideas is often the first hurdle, but it is essential if you want your business to stand out from the competition.

Used alongside digital display, traditional media such as leaflets, tent cards, floor graphics and hanging signs are extremely effective.

digital restaurant signage

Furthermore, if you’re considering new point of sale display ideas, digital signage kiosks allow you to have multiple ads rotating on screen. These digital ads can promote different products or services, targeting different audiences, while maintaining brand presence. Any business with a building or shop front will also benefit from digital advertising screens and this means they can continue to sell even when the sales team have gone home for the evening. When located on shop fronts or windows, signs like these are instrumental in delivering product information out-of-hours, while promoting your website and social channels.

restaurant digital signage

Another advantage of digital displays is that they are flexible and easy to update. They can also enhance communication and customer experience, particularly when used alongside traditional signage to promote an overall message. Of course these displays do not need to be limited to merely attracting new sales – they might be used for up-selling too. Indeed, point of purchase advertising is increasingly being seen as a good way to drive up the value of a small sale or create a talking point between you and your customer.