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4 Ways to Extend Your Brand to Your Interior Decor

Author: Hannah Evans

Every brand has an identity and personality shaped by influences like the industry that it operates in, the products and services that it sells, its target customers, employees and its culture and values. All of these features have an impact on how the brand’s intangible assets, like it’s logo, brand guidelines and colour pallets are constructed to ensure it effectively competes in its marketplace.

Discover four signage applications that can take the brand’s intangible assets further and extends them to the tangible elements of the brand, like office spaces, shops or factory floors.

Wall Graphics

custom wall graphics

Whether you want to showcase your brand values with vinyl lettering or display large images of the projects you have completed, graphics turn walls into an interesting feature. Vinyl or acrylic can be used to display your imagery and messaging in a fantastic way.

Unique Sign Applications

pops ice popsicle stand

If you can’t decorate walls, uses your furniture to make an impact!  Wrap boardroom tables, desks or even chairs in printed vinyl to showcase your brand.

Imaged Glass

custom imaged glass

If the budget is available etched panels made from glass can create an extremely elegant finish in any environment. This type of interior decor signage also delivers an element of privacy, however, this solution can be expensive. As an alternative frosted and etched vinyl can be used to achieve the same effect at a fraction of the cost.


man installing flower design on the wall

The ultimate in versatile signage, created using thin reactive magnetics that can be cut to shape, so messaging can be changed as frequently as possible and replaced as required.

If you’re ready to extend your brand to your interior decor, we’re more than ready to help.