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What Role Do Signs, Graphics and Visual Communications Play at Events?

Author: Hannah Evans

The desired outcome of any event is to attract a group of people to a particular place, in order for them to celebrate, learn or raise funds, - depending on the event function. In order to do this effectively, signage and graphics can play a fundamental role before, during and after the event.

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Before the Event

In the early planning stages, it is important to tell potential attendees about the gathering. The information they need to receive are the headlines of the event and should include:

  • The Why - Why is the event being held and what do attendees stand to gain from it?

  • The Where - Where is the event being hosted. This information is vital so potential attendees can make a judgement if it is practical for them to attend.

  • The Time and Date - People lead busy lives, for them to attend events they need to plan, so providing accurate time and date information is a must.

  • The Who - The general public are creatures of habit, they like to be in places that they are supposed to be in.  If someone attends an event that isn’t targeted at them, they may feel out of place which can negatively affect their experience of the overall event.

  • The Cost - Nobody likes a shock! If attendees are expected to pay a fee at admission, ensure you include this information clearly on your event signage.

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If the event is general, open to a broad audience and requires attendees to purchase a ticket, banners and posters are excellent signage applications to help raise general awareness. If the event is for a select group of predetermined people consider using small printed bespoke invites to keep your guest list informed.

Summer Garden floor graphic

During the Event

Draw attendees towards the event space with strategically placed temporary signage solutions like flags, banners and floor graphics. These signs can help theme your event and also act as helpful wayfinding signage that can help guide the attendees easily, to and around, the event.

Once inside the event, consider how you can use temporary wall and window vinyl to brand the space. It’s also a great opportunity to use promotional items such as mugs or pens for your guests to take home as mementos of the event. Help staff and event team members stand out by using branded wearables so attendees can easily identify them, should they need assistance.

After the Event

Promote the event even after it has finished. Hang banners and posters to say thank you to your attendees, follow up with direct mail postcards to inform attendees of future events and happenings and encourage guests to share their event pictures on your social media pages, to help the event live on, even after the event is over.