Extend Your Brand From the Inside Out: Events Venue Transforms With Signs and Graphics

Author: Hannah-Evans-Janosi

2021 has begun, and resolutions are always a popular start to the year. But, as every committed goal-setter knows, you must first start inward when you want to enact radical transformation. The same is true with your brand. At FASTSIGNS, we believe that a comprehensive solution works best when implemented from the inside out. Here’s how the Lucky Spur Ranch & Resort, a new event and wedding venue.

event-venue-outdoor-hanging-signevent venue building signevent venue custom gate sign

1. Start With What Makes You Special

A great visual communication strategy begins with the essence of a brand and the desire to showcase that down to even the smallest details from the inside out. The Lucky Spur Ranch & Resort started with the crux of every brand - the logo. Building from the ground up, they used a four leaf clover to signify luck and then a spur at the end of the clover to incorporate the rustic ranch feel.

event venue apparel signageevent venue custom signageevent venue promotional items

The custom logo and western/rustic theme was incorporated into the décor throughout and marketing collateral such as business cards, matchbooks, brochures, dining area and informational signs. Garments were also embroidered with the same logo for servers and kitchen staff. The consistent theme graced the entire space, making it feel professional and well-planned.

2. Design with the Customer in Mind

The owners of the venue wanted to create signage and branding that would make an impact, since they were a new event venue wanting to establish themselves within the local market. Inside the venue, a fully backlit Lucky Spur sign on standoffs was installed as a focal point, while large images of engaged couples were installed on standoffs to evoke emotion for engaged couples looking for a wedding venue.

event venue entrance hanging signevent venue iluminated sign

For event venues, ease of wayfinding is also important, so entrance, bathroom and additional room designator signs were installed to help guide visitors. Creating an inclusive environment speaks volumes to customers about the forethought you have put into their needs.

For corporate event hosting, a board room was created and coordinating Western images were installed while leather placements that featured the logo were placed around the conference room table.

3. Give Your Brand Room to Breathe

A great visual communication solution deserves to be seen, and The Lucky Spur Ranch & Resort extended theirs beyond their walls. A large steel hanging sign in the shape of the Lucky Spur was placed above the entrance of the property, matching the steel logo within the front gate. Rustic style signs were added to direct visitors where to park and where to go.

event venue carved wood signevent venue hanging sign

The exterior of the main event hall was graced with branding. Above the awning, the Lucky Spur clover was hung, a welcome sign was installed over the door and branded window graphics were installed on door glass. Then, above the board room exterior door, a wooden sign highlighted the “Bustin Loose Board Room.”

event venue digital trade show signevent venue golf cart decalevent venue vehicle decal

Taking the brand one step further around the property, Lucky Spur logo decals were applied to the hood of the property golf cart and to the door of the vintage truck used as decor. In addition, branded signs, materials and digital signage were created to take the brand into the community for future business opportunities at trade shows.

Ready to Begin Your Brand Transformation?

Creating a comprehensive visual communication solution for your brand is necessary in an uncertain business landscape. It can also enable you to put yourself in the place of your customers and clients. Implementing consistent branding throughout your space, from the interior to the exterior, helps you saddle up for success. Call FASTSIGNS today!