The Alpine Bank

Transforming a bank lobby and teller lines with digital signage

The Challenge

The Alpine Bank receives frequent requests from non-profit organizations to display event posters. “People ask us to put up posters to advertise events. It just looked cluttered and messy,” said Beth Drum, the Alpine Bank’s Vice-President of Marketing and PR.


The Solution 

FASTSIGNS presented digital signage as a comprehensive solution for a neat and tidy bank lobby. Alpine Bank displays all of the promotional posters via digital signs on the teller lines and with a digital display located on a main wall. With the 8-1/2 x 11 inch Plexiglass poster holders firmly a thing of the past, Alpine Bank has embraced digital signage and the flexibility involved with changeable content.

“I can change [the digital displays] every day or every hour if I wanted to,” Drum commented. “What I really like about the digital is that we have lobby banners and Point of Sale pieces, and I can download the PDF from our corporate marketing office right onto our digital screens.”

FASTSIGNS added 10-inch digital screens on the teller lines that can display either horizontal or vertical messages. The content is simple to update with a USB flash drive and the digital signs provide marketing uniformity for the bank lobby.


The Result

The Alpine Bank’s staff has noticed that people view the digital signage differently than the acrylic signs.

“If it’s static and it’s in a frame, people don’t read it,” Drum observed. “If it’s something moving and it looks like a television or technology, many people standing in our teller line reading are looking at it.”

*FASTSIGNS® of Durango, Colorado is owned by Laurie Sigillito.

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