Museums & Galleries

Work with the FASTSIGNS® team to create a unique visual communications plan for your museum venues. We offer wayfinding and directional signage to help keep visitors on track, so they can optimise their time looking at your exhibition rather than struggling to navigate around your premises. We can create traditional information plaques or boards that can be placed next to your artifacts to share information with with museum attendees. We also have modern methods of sharing information about exhibits such as QR codes and interactive digital displays which can share information, videos or games to encourage engagement with displays on a deeper level, adding a modern and exciting twist to your museum exhibition. Museums may host feature exhibits which have a short life span and for these more transient events, use temporary custom banner stands, large scale graphics, plaques, wall lettering and even vehicle graphics to attract attention to and deliver these displays, providing your customers with the best viewing experience of the exhibit on display. For more information or to request a quote, feel free to contact our experts today.

Museum Wall Lettering

Donor Recognition Display

Digital Wayfinding Signage

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